Despite the fall of Bitcoin, the pre-sale of this crypto is accelerating


In recent months, the crypto-currency industry has been going through a crisis that affects most coins and especially Bitcoin. However, this It is not a crisis like they would affect some projects quite special.

This is tamadoge case, a brand new project announced during this year. The pre-sale launch of Tamadoge (TAMA) started on July 25th and was a huge success. After the very quick sale, it is estimated that less than 30% of the tokens are still available after six weeks of pre-sale.

Tamadoge: What?

Tamadoge is a new cryptocurrency related to the category of meme bases. On the other hand, its similarities with Dogecoin or Shiba Inu stop at this level. In fact, unlike meme coins like DOGE and SHIB, TAMA tokens were designed to achieve a fairly clear purpose and project.

The project has also received a lot of praise for its unique vision that integrates the concepts of meme bases into an ecosystem using Metaverse in the form of Play to Earn. A innovative initiative which has already conquered the crypto community.

The two main assets of the Tamadoge project are TAMA tokens and Tamadoge pets in the form of NFTs. The TAMA signal is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main reason for its popularity is that it does not tax transactions and has deflated tokenomics.

This token will be used primarily to transact on the games that will be available soon in the Tamaverse. The Tamaverse is a Metaverse universe developed by project members to support all Tamadoge games.

TAMAs ​​can also be used to make purchases NFT Tamadog or to trade along with any normal cryptocurrency.

Excellent pre-sale stage

From the beginning of its pre-sale, investors have shown great interest in the Tamadoge project. When the first $1 million pre-sale milestone was reached, the project was reported. in the Yahoo Finance online magazine.

At that time, Bitcoin was showing up signs of recovery on the market, because its price was already over $24,000. However, signs of recovery did not prevent Bitcoin from falling again and falling below $19,000.

Despite everything, not like the fall of Bitcoin it had no effect on Tamadoge presale. The latter continues to attract the interest of new investors over the first buyers.

Thanks to its pre-sale, Tamadoge project raised over $12 million present. So currently 1 USDT = 40 TAMA. Note that the pre-sale price of TAMA tokens is gradually increasing in stages to provide excellent value for money to first-time buyers. So, 1 USDT was equal to 100 TAMA at the beginning.

Is Tamadoge reliable?

The cryptocurrency market is going under many scams and scams. This is especially true for new projects where malicious people are constantly setting traps for investors (the concept of rugby pulling often comes to mind). Therefore, it can only be considered that verification and audit projects are relatively secure and more reliable.

The Tamadoge project is very recent audited by Solid Proof. It is an independent smart contract audit company. It is known for its honesty and transparency in the execution of its control operations.

KYC verification

Regarding verification, the original team of the Tamadoge project received the KYC certificate on CoinSniper. Still called Know Your Customer, the KYC certification is the result of a long process that crypto project teams must follow to reveal their identity. This is an additional guarantee of quality, but above all it gives confidence to the project.

In addition, Tamadoge organizes a YouTube channel regular question and answer sessions A type of AMA (Ask Me Anything) where project managers can interact with the community. It is also an opportunity for them to reward their investors in the form of airdrops.

If you are interested in the project, but missed the first pre-sale stage, you still have the option to participate in the pre-sale. This will end when the project will have reached 19 million dollars. In addition, Tamadoge will soon be available (after its pre-sale) on the Uniswap and LBank exchanges.

Another Play to Earn presale was so successful that we qualify it A worthy successor to Axie Infinity. This is Battle Infinity, the future P2E of Fantasy League that has been fueling the curiosity of investors for several months.

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