Deloitte and NYDIG come together to democratize bitcoin (BTC)

Deloitte and NYDIG come together to democratize bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin democratization is underway. Thanks to the initiatives of well – known companies such as Deloitte and NYDIG, it will only accelerate. In fact, the two main characters have formed a partnership to facilitate access to digital assets.

Bitcoin democrats at the corporate level

The partnership between Deloitte and NYDIG (New York Digital Investment Group) create purpose a one-stop approach for clients seeking guidance on implementing bitcoin products and services “. It will also promote:

  • access to multidisciplinary professional services provided by Deloitte;
  • and access to bitcoin-related NYDIG financial and technology products and services.

The official press release describing this association also speaks to the interest in the combined forces of the two actors. First, Deloitte’s cross – industry experiences on blockchain and digital assets. This will benefit companies seeking banking services and loyalty programs, employee benefits and loyalty programs, etc.

Yan Zhao, President of NYDIG

We envision a world where traditional financial infrastructure works alongside digital asset infrastructure to deliver a world – class customer experience with the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We have already begun to give bitcoin to everyone by integrating a bitcoin wallet with existing user experiences, by empowering bitcoin rewards programs, and by enabling bitcoin secured loans. Deloitte is the ideal partner to help companies take the next step to effectively complete these types of projects and meet customer demand with a high level of rigor. »

these ” secured bitcoin loans “, Which we have highlighted based on the Goldman Sachs and Hoseki cases, the wind seems to be in their recent sails. As for BTC-based rewards and loyalty, their implementation will ensure that the objectives expected by the crypto community are achieved: the democratization of bitcoin.

Richard Rosenthal, Director of Consultancy Practice at Deloitte

The future of financial services will be focused on the use of digital assets, and we are committed to advising our clients on ways to approach them in a controlled and compliant manner. We believe that this alliance with NYDIG will stimulate business growth and is another sign of Deloitte ‘s significant investment in enabling digital asset innovation. “.

A few words about Deloitte and NYDIG

To democratize bitcoin, both companies seem to have serious plans in place.

NYDIG, for example, has no hesitation in partnering with institutions like the American Bankers Association to promote access to bitcoin by bank customers. This modus operandi has long been noticed by the company. Another collaboration was set up in May 2021, with Fidelity National Information Services to make some progress in designing a solution for the purchase, sale, and storage of BTC for American banking institutions. This is one of the reasons why its barons are optimistic about acceptance, even of the democratization of bitcoin at the level of the central banks.

Deloitte is optimistic about this point too. She recently released a report saying that more than 80% of American merchants appear ready to embrace bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the near future. Other analyzes include the effective contribution of bitcoin to the fiat ecosystem or the disappearance of the latter within 10 years.

Of the two, Deloitte and NYDIG, the desire to democratize bitcoin is an achievement developed over time. If they have decided on this partnership, that is why it is time to move up gear at the level of banking institutions and their respective customers.

Source: CryptoGlobe

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is underway! And on the day when the impacts on the most vulnerable economy in this World are felt, against all odds, I will say that I was involved.

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