Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA): More Users Than Ethereum (ETH)

Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA): More Users Than Ethereum (ETH)

Cardano has 4x more active users according to On-Chain analysis from market tracker and Messari. This imbalance between Bitcoin, Cardano and Ethereum is caused by a number of factors such as network size. The total number of open wallets on the Cardano network is less than on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cardano cryptocurrency is 4 times more user active than Ethereum by percentage

About Cardano Cryptocurrency (ADA)

The Cardano blockchain is a project founded by developer Charles Hoskinson that is none other than Ethereum co – founder. Initiated in 2015, it was only in 2017 that Cardano officially saw the light of day. Hoskinson quit the Ethereum project he set up with Vitalik Buterion due to goal difference. He later created a Cardano blockchain with an ADA asset to honor computer pioneer Ada Lovelace.

Cardano’s specificity lies in the fact that it solves Proof of Promise (PoS) thanks to its Ouroboros protocol. The proof element maintains transaction processing capacity while inflation remains limited and reduced over a 10-year period. The ADA signal without context is the third generation blockchain. It is Ethereum’s direct competitor with its highly developed smart contracts and decentralized applications running entirely on its blockchain.

While Cardano’s network remains particularly centralized (accessible only for leading slots), its current market valuation is more than a billion dollars. The Cardano network has gained many followers due to its state of maturity and activity within its network.

ADA cryptocurrency price

The price of ADA tokens has fallen slightly by about 7% in the last 7 days and then increased slightly. Its price is currently around $ 0.47. Its trading volume is more than a billion dollars in one day and its total capitalization is 15.7 billion dollars.

Cardano is a decentralized and open source student blockchain. The people who work there are scientists, engineers as well as scientists. On social media, Cardano is regularly mentioned on Twitter as well as on Reddit. About 22,200 people are talking about this blockchain and the platform is in the top 10 for references and activities according to the metrics of the message collected. Cardano has been enjoying some hype lately, like IOTA or TRON, but is not relying directly on this advantage to boost its performance. When it reaches the capitalization level of the Ethereum blockchain. The number of active wallets in the Cardano project is expected to decline and the return on investment for investors should be similar to Bitcoin.


Cardano has strong development activity and a high number of active wallets. Since the beginning of 2022, its price performance is around -60% and Ethreum is currently -40%. This blockchain maximizes the efforts to associate the promise to achieve its ambitions as well as its objectives. It continues to innovate to improve and democratize its decentralization.

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