Crypto News: Pro hedge fund depends on Bitcoin & Ethereum – although new BTC20 causes a stir! –

Crypto News: Pro hedge fund depends on Bitcoin & Ethereum - although new BTC20 causes a stir!  -

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In a seemingly turbulent economic environment, cryptocurrencies are proving their remarkable resilience. They show an eye-catching ability: they decouple themselves from traditional asset classes. This bold move sets them apart from other assets and reflects their growing independence.

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, is one of the observers of this phenomenon. He sees more than one insight in this dynamic development. Morehead predicted that this strong momentum will be added to by major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He expects them to continue to rise in the medium term. Because it is precisely those currencies that are able to maintain or even increase their value in a tough economic climate.

But Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t the only cryptocurrencies that deserve attention. AInvestors also kept a close eye on BTC20, an innovative new cryptocurrency. This new token combines elements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, making it unique and attractive. It represents a new option that did not exist before in the diverse world of cryptocurrencies.

And now that BTC20 has launched its much-anticipated pre-sale phase, investors’ attention seems to be piqued even more. This stage is always a critical and exciting time, when investors have the opportunity to buy the token in advance. It remains to be seen how this pre-sale phase will play out and what impact it will have on the future of BTC20. But one thing is certain: cryptocurrencies are here to stay and their journey is far from over.

Dan Morehead is predicting a rally for Bitcoin and Ethereum

With an impressive track record, accomplished hedge fund manager Dan Morehead is no stranger to the cryptocurrency world. Morehead has successfully invested in top cryptocurrencies before major price increases and has a long list of successful holdings.

As CEO of Pantera Capital, a renowned US hedge fund launched in 2003, Morehead has managed a Bitcoin fund. And what a line! Since its inception, the fund has delivered a whopping return of over 42,000%.

Morehead’s deep knowledge and impressive track record have earned him a position of great influence in the crypto community. His bullish stance on Bitcoin and Ethereum carries weight and has a significant impact on market sentiment.

In a recent interview with forbes Morehead shared his belief that “we can recover now.” He was referring to the possibility of recovery in the crypto market after 2022 brought many challenges. His optimism is based on his interpretation of the Federal Reserve’s recent actions in the bond markets.

Over the past 15 years, the Fed has bought massive amounts of bonds, a practice commonly known as “quantitative easing.” Morehead explains that this aggressive monetary policy has artificially depreciated results, attracting investors to the stock markets.

Now that the Fed’s quantitative easing has ended, many expect stock prices to fall. But Morehead emphasized that blockchain assets are “significantly decoupled from the stock market.”. This could indicate that the cryptocurrency world is not subject to the same influences as traditional markets and could be a safe haven in times of uncertainty.

Cryptocurrencies defy market uncertainty: Morehead sees Bitcoin and Ethereum on track for success

The resilience and resilience that cryptocurrencies have shown in tough economic times are no coincidence. These properties are due to their decentralized character. Cryptocurrencies, unlike traditional stocks, do not have a central authority that controls or controls their performance. Their decentralized nature gives them a degree of independence and insensitivity to traditional market forces.

Another factor that contributes to the resilience of cryptocurrencies is the different value drivers that differentiate them from stocks. While stocks are closely linked to the finances and performance of the underlying companies, the value of cryptocurrencies is based more on supply and demand, technological innovation, and growing user and investor acceptance.

That is why the crypto market often shows stronger than the stock market. Even in times of uncertainty and economic volatility, it holds up and is less disturbed. Cryptocurrencies are now traded for their intrinsic value, and not just for speculation or market volatility.

This impressive momentum and recovery is precisely why Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead is optimistic that Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue their ascension. He sees a future where these two top cryptocurrencies continue to thrive despite the volatility of the global economy.

And if cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, which it surely will, Morehead sees huge potential for the future of these digital assets. He knows that cryptocurrency price volatility will remain high. But he is confident that the huge potential and increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies can offset this risk to a large extent.

Could the new BTC20 coin explode like Bitcoin & Ethereum?

For those looking for refreshing alternatives to the well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, BTC20 ($BTC20) has emerged as a very attractive candidate. This upcoming ERC-20 token is attracting a lot of attention due to its unique blend of Bitcoin token economy and Ethereum advanced technology.

The highlight of the BTC20 It is innovative Bet-to-Earn Protocol. This protocol is specially designed for investors who want passive income. It relies on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that is much less energy-intensive than Bitcoin mining. This makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

After the end of the BTC20 presale period, at least 14.95 million $BTC20 tokens will be put into circulation over an estimated period of 120 years. You will be bound by a contract of engagement. According to the BTC20 white paper, this arrangement will guarantee a constant stream of income for token holders.

I In terms of pre-sale, the team at BTC20 creatively recreated the original Bitcoin 2009 offering. A total of 6.05 million $BTC20 tokens will be offered during the presale at a price of $1 per token. This is a loving tribute to the days when the price of $BTC was the same.

This exciting opportunity attracted crypto enthusiasts and new investors alike. It resulted in an increase in membership in the BTC20 Telegram community. With the pre-sale already generating $184,000 in two days, excitement around BTC20 is growing rapidly. With that, it is an exciting project to watch in the cryptocurrency space.

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Last updated on July 19, 2023

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