Crypto News: Is Ethereum Price Rising Now? 1 billion new USD on the Ethereum blockchain

Tether prägt 1 Milliarde USDT auf Ethereum

a string there is Ethereum Blockchain one billion USDT struck. Therefore, in less than two months, USDT is coining more than a billion stable coins again.

At the 03/21 is a string billion USDT already in the Tron network moulded.

The bailout took place in April and has already been authorized but has not yet been released. The IS It is now approvedmaking the coins part of the market cap.

Tether is already included USDT is the largest issuer of stables. The value is currently over 80 billion toques/US dollars. The value of USDT is pegged to the $1 price through off-chain assets.

Alone on the Ethereum blockchain as a result USDT which was worth $36 billion invested.

Tether wants to expand blockchain exchange functions! Where should investors invest now?

Paolo Ardoniothe Tether Technology HQ He definitely sees a greater demand for cryptocurrencies and wants to get through it Mining new USDT USDT’s position on the Ethereum blockchain is a catalyst to further increase this demand.

Ardoino clarifies that Tether has always worked with various crypto companies and crypto exchanges to ensure liquidity in the crypto market.

Most of the exchanges support USDT on different chains in their portfolio. At the same time, it happens time and time again that there is a lot of USDT on one chain, but higher withdrawals occur on another blockchain.

If there is enough USDT on all the blockchains involved, a Very easy exchange to handle. With the exchange of cryptocurrencies between different blockchains, third parties can benefit, for example Tether with USDT.

By using USDT, investors can easily exchange cryptocurrencies between different blockchains. Since Ethereum is the second largest blockchain, it makes a lot of sense to ensure liquidity for this as well.

Binance wants to exchange 750 million from Tron to Ethereum

After announcing a new USDT minting on the Ethereum blockchain, crypto exchange Binance announced that it will exchange 750 million USDT on Tron for USDT on Ethereum.

Tether provides liquidity between cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges with USDT

The rationale for this is that the world’s largest crypto exchange trying to ensure that its own customers can access all blockchains with sufficient liquidity. a string The transactions are confirmed.

So that the Spread of Cryptocurrency without unnecessary increase, since exchange processes also correspond burn rates trigger.

In general, crypto exchanges that have uneven distributions of USDT on different chains can apply to swap/exchange with Tether.

In this case, the respective crypto exchange, such as Binance or Coinbase, sends the tether from the source chain to Tether. Next, Tether sends USDT from the target blockchain to the crypto exchange.

Bitcoin rises after USDT hit

According to research conducted by Blockchain Research Labs last year, the price of bitcoin tends to rise when a new USD is struck. It is therefore possible that it is very worthwhile to bet on Bitcoin as part of this campaign.

Although the increase is not significant, it has happened repeatedly since 2014 Bitcoin price increases. This could be due to the BTC/USDT pair dominating BTC volume on most exchanges.

Does Tether have enough reserves? Which cryptocurrencies protect my investment?

Although Tether consistently claims that there are enough off-chain reserves available to support the equivalent value of the USDT struck, various sources have raised concerns about this.

In order to hedge against price losses, crypto presales seem to be the main help this year. Cryptocurrency pre-sales have seen high returns for investors in many cases this year.

New cryptocurrencies like the Wall Street Memes coin are jumping from record to record. The Wall Street Meme Coin ($WSM) crypto presale has already breached the US$ 6,000,000 mark. This is obviously very successful.

If the Presales are always going so wellit’s wall street memes sold out early . Of course the successor of the PEPE coin is particularly benefiting from the current events related to Binance and Coinbase, since $WSM directly covers this area in its memes.

Your capital is at risk.

Cryptocurrencies with potential in 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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