Crypto News: Ethereum blockchain down for 30 minutes

Ethereum Blockchain fällt 30 Minuten aus

On the 11th of May there was one a half-hour outage on the Ethereum mainnet. The issue was caused by functional issues while completing blocks and required immediate troubleshooting. This has not hurt the course at the moment, there have been some in the last few days more buyers than sellers on Ethereum.

The developers at Ethereum quickly isolated the problem and were able to fix the faulty program code. The developers have said that such errors are not an inherent threat to the blockchain, but that it is prepared for such problems.

It is also interesting here that there have been problems in the Bitcoin program code in the last few days. However, this did not affect the blockchain protocol itself, but the Ordinals protocol, which is responsible for creating NFTs in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ethereum developers give all the clarity – the bug is fixed

In general, the Ethereum blockchain is designed in such a way that problems like here when completing blocks do not affect the blockchain itself. The transactions continue again, but the blockchain does not release them:

“The Beacon chain locked up about thirty minutes ago. I don’t know why yet, but generally the chain is designed to be against this problem. Transactions will continue as usual and completion will begin once the matter is resolved.”

So no data is lost or users lose ETH. The blockchain pauses, the developers fix the problem, and then the blockchain releases the transactions made in the meantime.

Already at the end of 2020 there was a failure in the Ethereum blockchain, which even prompted a fork. This temporarily created two Ethereum blockchains with different data. However, the second largest blockchain in the world is very strong and will likely continue to grow in the future. In the current break, there was no need for a hard fork because no client had a supermajority greater than one-third.

Basically, one major difference between the Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin is the Many Blockchain functionalities offers, for example Smart Contracts. enough Blockchain uses Ethereum tier 2 for their own tokens and also NFTs, of course, making the system generally more complex and prone to errors.

The most remarkable thing is that there are hardly any failures on the blockchain and these have no major effects like here.

Prysm and Teku clients have been updated

As part of the bug, the developers released an update for Prysm and Teku clients. This is where the error was made. These two clients for the consensus mechanism are responsible for more than three quarters of all consensus operations.

The problem was probably caused by an excessive load on some nodes. The positive thing is how quickly the developers responded and provided updates. At this point, users of the blockchain should always remember that the Ethereum blockchain is still under development and therefore errors can occur at any time.

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