Crypto News: Ecoterra Presale Raises $3M – Is ECOTERRA The Best Cardano Alternative?

ADA Alternative Ecoterra

The descent follows the ADA coin. Cardano has seen heavy losses in the past seven days. The price is falling again today. The cryptocurrency does not seem to present a good investment opportunity for many investors at the moment. The Ecoterra sign, on the other hand, can look forward to strong demand.

Sustainability, environmental protection and avoiding plastic waste. Those are the secrets of the team. And these seem to be attracting a lot of interest from investors. Because the presale has so far taken over 3 million USD. So should you buy Ecoterra?

The sale is just before the next price increase. The countdown to this announcement is currently two days and 23 hours. The tokens are currently available at a price of USD 0.00775. Ecoterra’s current forecast follows a steady plan in the near future.

With the current stage, investors still have four stages where they can buy the tokens. The sections were intended by the developers as follows.

degreessale priceFull Tender SignQuantity of Signal Availablethe goal of the degree
step 1$0.00400020.00%200,000,000$800,000.00
step 2$0.00475010.00%100,000,000$475,000.00
step 3$0.00550010.00%100,000,000$550,000.00
step 4$0.00625010.00%100,000,000$625,000
step 5$0.00700010.00%100,000,000$700,000.00
step 6$0.00775010.00%100,000,000$775,000
step 7$0.00850010.00%100,000,000$850,000.00
step 8$0.00925010.00%100,000,000$925,000
step 9$0.01000010.00%100,000,000$1,000,000.00

According to the developers’ roadmap, the completion of pre-sale, token demand and first listing should be completed this quarter. Following these plans, the team wants to go to work on the ecosystem. The new cryptocurrency should bring a particularly sustainable added value to its users and investors.

Recycle to earn – Bottle return rewards

This added value should not only refer to the users themselves. It should also benefit the environment. The founders are planning a website that will reward users for recycling bottles and cans.

In doing so, they want to significantly improve the understanding of plastic waste and encourage people to dispose of and recycle their waste correctly. Because it is still common in many countries not to separate waste, which means that plastic bottles cannot be recycled.

Specifically, this should work through the intended app. Users should be able to scan their bottles and cans through free access. As soon as they bring them in at a deposit return machine or vending machine, they are rewarded in the form of points. This will only be credited to you once you have uploaded the appropriate receipt for your order.

Users should be able to collect these points in their user account. The reward principle should only be done in the shop. The rewards collected can then be exchanged.

Among other things, the store should be able to support sustainable and environmental projects. For example, one that plants trees or one where the founders have set themselves the task of cleaning the oceans and beaches of garbage.

In addition, the points should be able to be sent directly to companies that want to enable renewable energy. The points should be transferred directly to the projects in the form of money.

Compared to Cardano or other cryptocurrencies, Ecoterra is a use case not intended for the blockchain. You want to use Web3 to develop added value for users and the environment. A successful coin launch will show how strong the demand for an environmentally friendly token will be.

Ecoterra: Carbon Offset Market

The aforementioned rewards are intended to be given to users through bottle recycling. The points system should be structured simply and suitable for daily use by users. In this way, environmentally conscious companies and end consumers should be able to benefit from using the app.

But the Ecoterra team does not want to stop these measures. They also plan to trade in CO2 credits. These offset the emission of one tonne of carbon.

These credits are not currently available for purchase by individuals. They are only available to companies. The Ecoterra platform aims to change that. The founders would like to offer these for sale in the store.

The credits are to be paid through ECOTERRA and other cryptocurrencies. The aim is to further expand the measures related to the protection of the environment.

The founders describe the idea behind offset trading as follows:

β€œCarbon offsetting can be a legitimate way to address the issue of carbon emissions, but its effectiveness and legitimacy depends on a number of factors. On the one hand, carbon offsets can help reduce the overall level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by supporting projects that reduce emissions. By investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other projects that will reduce emissions, individuals and companies can offset their own emissions and help mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Large companies will also be customers on the platform soon

As recycling becomes more widespread, the team behind Ecoterra wants to put a big limit on waste reduction. In addition, people’s environmental awareness should be increased. Thanks to the reward principle, many users may show interest in the concept in the future. At the same time, the number of users could develop positively in the long term if the app is particularly easy to use, as planned.

In addition to the end users, who are supposed to recycle bottles on a regular basis, the team also wants to achieve bigger plans. On their website they describe that they can imagine working with big brands in the future. For example, that is Netflix, H&M or Amazon.

Through possible cooperation, sustainable packaging, environmentally friendly materials or shipping routes could be developed with the companies. The founders have no firm plans for this idea, but they want to find short-term ways in the future to win companies over.

The current demand shows that the public is interested in the concept of environmentally conscious crypto. Accordingly, Ecoterra could establish itself as a promising cryptocurrency. Compared to Cardano’s course, the project’s presale is currently performing very well.

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