Crypto Markets Crash! Bitcoin, Quant, Polygon, Axie Infinity Descending

Crypto Markets Crash!  Bitcoin, Quant, Polygon, Axie Infinity Descending

Is The Next Big Deal Starting In Crypto Markets Now? Many coins are currently crashing – especially Bitcoin, which is currently struggling to stay above $ 19,000. But Quant (QNT), Polygon (MATIC) and Axie Infinity (AXS) are also posting tough losses.

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Bitcoin for under $ 20,000

After continued trading on the other side, the crypto markets seem to be preparing for another lower move. Almost all bases are currently facing losses: Bitcoin, for example, has lost 3.65% in the last 24 hours, reversing well below its $ 20,000 support and is currently trading at $ 19,303.


Ethereum was also hit, falling 6.72%, with the smart contract platform trading at $ 1,051. Overall, the global crypto market cap has fallen 4% in the past 24 hours, now standing at $ 864.62 billion.

However, altcoins among the biggest losers today include Quant, Polygon and Axie Infinity.

Quantum (QNT): -12%

Quant has suffered losses of almost 12% over the past 24 hours: from yesterday’s high of $ 56.04, the base began to decline, falling to $ 49.56 where QNT is currently trading.

As with many other altcoins, the highest level for the quantity is going further and further away: That’s $ 428.38, so the current price is almost 90% below. If the recovery goes to hards, so the purchase at those prices could be well worth it.

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Polygon (MATIC): -18%

Polygon (MATIC) also declined sharply, falling from $ 0.5388 to the current $ 0.4432 – down almost 18%. Recently, Tier 2 scaling solution has been in the headlines because the base has been heavily accumulated by large investors. This suggests: The so – called whales are clearly a testament to the long – term success of the project.

Blockchain santiment researchers write:

“MATIC sharks and whales have been growing quite strongly over the last six weeks or so. Taken together, the series from 10,000 to 10 million coins held 8.7% more in their pockets over that period. ”

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Infinity Tua: -12%

Blockchain gaming hit Axie Infinity just as hard hit by the downturn in the crypto market, with AXS correcting nearly 12% over the past 24 hours, rebounding to $ 13.33 from $ 15.11.

This could not prevent positive development within the AXS ecosystem. Because: The bridge that connects the Ronin sidechain of the NFT game to the Ethereum mainnet is back online. Almost three months after the $ 622 million hack, users are now able to make deposits and withdrawals on the Ronin network again.

As mentioned at the beginning: the crypto markets seem to be getting ready for another corrective move. However, it is true that these market conditions in particular always offer attractive opportunities for entry. Anyone who is unsure about the long – term success of a project, therefore, should find many markets in the coming days and weeks.

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Last updated June 30, 2022

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