Crypto: Jacob and Co presents its luxurious Bitcoin (BTC) watch

Crypto: Jacob and Co presents its luxurious Bitcoin (BTC) watch

Bitcoin is a true source of inspiration for artists. In all areas, exceptional creations are emerging: the American watchmaker Jacob and Co recently unveiled its luxury Bitcoin watch, the Solar Bitcoin Astrology. An extraordinary watch in a limited edition of 25 pieces.

Jacob and Co.

Jacob Arabo arrived in the United States from Uzbekistan at 15, Jacob Arabo was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He became interested in watchmaking at a very young age and founded his own company at the age of 21. His creations are quickly noticed and his customer base grows exponentially. In the early 2000s, the one we call now Jacob the Jeweler (Jacob le Joaillier) began to design and manufacture watches whose prices reached sky-high prices. Exceptional finishes, fame and precious materials like platinum and diamonds, it is loved by the rich. The stratospheric prices are not within the reach of the first…

The Billionaire Watch: The most expensive

Bling-bling boxer Floyd Mayweather made headlines across the Atlantic when he acquired this unique 260-carat piece for a paltry sum of 18 million dollars. The bracelet and dial are made of white gold and diamonds. The watch is powered by an automatic movement that offers 72 hours of power reserve.

Solar bitcoin astronomy

Solar Bitcoin Astrology

The Astronomy watch has been an iconic product of Jacob and Co since its release in 2014. It was the inspiration for Solar Bitcoin Astrology. In black titanium, this collector’s item is a limited edition of 25 units and is sold for the equivalent of 18 bitcoins (BTC), or 347,182 euros. Decorated with a small rocket with the bitcoin symbol, this very original watch is full of details in precious materials: yellow sapphire sun, one-carat diamond moon and gold clay. The strap is in black alligator and the hands are plated with 18 carat rose gold. It can be described as a true work of art that could more often be in a hook than on the wrist of its owner.

You can also see the jeweler’s creations on his website or on Instagram. He even has his own Metaverse and, if you can’t shop in his store, you can admire his amazing works on Youtube.

Jacob Arabo is a successful entrepreneur who was able to impose very eccentric proofs at times. His watches are exceptional creations reserved for wealthy and sometimes very tasteful clients. The expression “craft work” takes on its full meaning here.

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