Crash Terra LUNA Classic, Ethereum & Avalanche

Crash Terra LUNA Classic, Ethereum & Avalanche

After the crypto markets were able to rise over the holidays, the tide has turned again within the last 24 hours: Almost all coins are falling, some even in the two-digit percentage range. One of the losses: Terra LUNA Classic (LUNC), Ethereum (ETH) & Avalanche. Was it worth starting?

Terra LUNA Classic (LUNC): -16% at 24h

Terra LUNA, renamed Terra LUNA Classic (LUNC), seems to be caught in an unlimited drawdown: After the total loss of 99.9%, the base is already trading with zero strength after the decimal point, now LUNC continues to decline. The former top 10 had to lose about 16% within the last 24 hours, trading as a result at $ 0.000073.


LUNC daily chart. Image:

Whalebot Crypto Administrator Comments: LUNC is one of the worst performing assets in the last 24 hours.

The predictions for Terra LUNA Classic (LUNC) are rarely predicted after the debacle of the coins. For example, is generally bearish on Terra Classic. By this, 5 technical analysis indicators show bullish signals, on the other hand there are 26 bearish signals.

Ethereum on support again

Ethereum’s top smart contract platform (ETH) has also been hit by the recession: Ethereum has lost nearly 11% since yesterday and is currently trading at $ 1,772. Within the last seven days, the digital asset has lost more than 10%.

Opinions of Principal Analyst Lark Davis:

“Ethereum is hitting support again …”

It sits at $ 1,735 and is now keeping ETH from other losses. If support breaks, further reductions are imminent – initially below $ 1,700, and then into the mid – range of $ 1,500.

In the long run, however, the bullish orientation of the coin is expected to remain unchanged: expects to move to $ 4,041 within another 12 months. By 2027, ETH could be worth $ 18,013 – that’s one 916% increase.

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Avalanche: forecast expecting + 975%

On the other hand, competitor Ethereum lost Avalanche (AVAX), more than 18% in the crypto crash: AVAX fell from $ 27.51 to $ 23.26, then minimal recovery and rose to $ 24.13, where Avalanche has written down about present.

Avalanche co-founder Emin Gün Sirer easily embraces it, says:

“Price is not something that I am particularly interested in – I take.”

Is it worth starting at these prices? According to forecasts,, for example, has a 1 – year forecast rising to $ 73.89, which equates to a 206% return. Due to the 5 year projection for AVAX the base will finally increase to $ 259.60 by 2027. (+ 975%).

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Last updated June 7, 2022

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