CoinEx takes its commitment to Bitcoin development to the next level by sponsoring Bitcoin 2023 –

CoinEx bringt sein Engagement für die Entwicklung von Bitcoin auf die nächste Stufe und sponsert die Bitcoin 2023

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Bitcoin 2023, the largest Bitcoin conference in the world, will take place in Miami on May 18, 2023. More than 20,000 attendees, 2,000 companies and 150 speakers are expected to enrich the crypto world. As an established global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEx proud to sponsor and attend the event​​​​to celebrate the birth of Bitcoin and contribute to the progress of the cryptocurrency industry.

The conference provides a platform for leading companies, professional investors and pioneers in the crypto space to share ideas and insights. Bitcoin 2023 will feature a range of events including themed parties, bitcoin bazaars and lectures to provide crypto enthusiasts with a unique and informative experience.

During the conference, CoinEx would like to present its product functions to the participants and show the technical possibilities and advantages. CoinEx focuses on investing and trading through a clear and concise trading interface and easy-to-understand product features. As a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEx has always tried to simplify trading in cryptocurrencies and also to enable ordinary investors to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

With more than 700 high-quality trading pairs, the exchange offers a wide range of products and services including spot trading, futures and margins, AMM and crypto financial services to meet the needs of all types of crypto investors.

“We are proud to support Bitcoin 2023 and contribute to the development of the global blockchain community. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, our goal is to make trading easier and more accessible for everyone, thereby promoting financial democratization and the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world,” said Haipo Yang, CEO of CoinEx..

Since the beginning, CoinEx has assembled a team of experienced blockchain developers and operators using advanced blockchain technologies and professional crypto management tools to create easy-to-use, secure and reliable crypto trading products that have brought global recognition to the exchange .

As a leading exchange, CoinEx offers not only advanced technologies and stable systems, but also numerous security measures and professional services.

Over the past five years, CoinEx has remained true to its original mission and focused on providing better products and services through technological innovation and improvement.

These efforts have resulted in fast and convenient crypto trading services. At the same time, the exchange is optimizing its products to meet different trading needs, and user needs are at the forefront.

Last year, CoinEx introduced the Merkle Tree verification method as Proof of Reserve, delivering on its 100 percent reserve ratio promise. Combined with several security verification mechanisms, users’ assets are always protected.

CoinEx is committed to providing easy-to-use products, which is reflected in the user-friendly interface and feature design. Thanks to its secure and high-quality crypto trading services, CoinEx has seen a steadily growing user base. Currently, the exchange offers its services to more than 4 million users worldwide with a daily trading volume of over $400 million.

CoinEx sponsors Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami

The upcoming Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami will help further promote the crypto and blockchain industry. Over the past several years, CoinEx has sponsored and participated in many functions and events, including Paris Blockchain Week and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

By sponsoring Bitcoin 2023, CoinEx demonstrates its strong commitment to the development of Bitcoin and receives recognition from the crypto industry, making the exchange known worldwide.

By sponsoring Bitcoin 2023, CoinEx aims to show the world its brand values ​​and the benefits of the platform. The exchange also plans to partner with global blockchain entrepreneurs to explore the unlimited possibilities and value of blockchain technology and usher in a great new era of blockchain.

CoinEx remains committed to blockchain innovation to continuously improve the quality and stability of cryptocurrency trading. We are confident that CoinEx, as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, will continue to provide its users with excellent and convenient trading services.

About CoinEx

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by ViaBTC Group in 2017. The platform aims to simplify the trading of digital assets for its global user base, which currently includes more than 4 million users in more than 200 countries and regions. CoinEx offers a variety of trading services including spot and margin trading, futures, AMM, financial services, swaps, strategic trading and CoinEx Dock. CoinEx is known for its reliability, fast processing of transactions and ease of use. CoinEx strives to expand its offerings and provide its users with a rich and stable ecosystem of services.

Last updated 18 May 2023

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