Coinbase now allows staking Solana (SOL).

Coinbase now allows staking Solana (SOL).

Coinbase, in full expansion, has decided to add options for his promises welcoming Solana (SOL). This now allows all Solana investors to earn interest if they keep their coins on Coinbase.

Solana Staking is coming to Coinbase

It’s in an article posted on his blog that Coinbase announces the news. Solana (SOL) is now available in the promised offering of the cryptocurrency exchange platform. After the San Francisco-based company Coinbase, after recently declaring that it wants to conquer Europe, it announces here that it intends to expand its promising portfolio in 2022. A new possibility has been added so by integration SOL as a staking option for all platform customers.

The exchange believes that making a stalemate on your own can be quite complicated, especially for new investors. That’s why, in desire to recommend more rewards in the form of interest, Coinbase now offers Solana staking.

The annual percentage is interest 3.85% and investors who participate in this pledge will be rewarded every 3-4 days. Earnings are earned as long as the coins are stored on Coinbase. They can be withdrawn from the liquidity pool at any time and the investment starts from $ 1.

Two options Solana on Coinbase: the easiest way is to buy SOL directly on the platform or first transfer them from external crypto wallets to Coinbase.

Other than Solana Staking, other coins can be used in the same way on the Coinbase exchange platform: Ethereum, Algorand, Cosmos, Tezos, Dai or Cardano. Solana’s annual interest is slightly higher than Ethereum’s interest (3.675%). While the one that offers the highest profit is by staking Algorand le 5.75%.

What is Solana?

The Solana blockchain allows its users to creating smart contracts. These can be used by developers for NFTs, Web3, games or even decentralized platforms (DeFi). The platform offers lightning transactions that offer time of 400 milliseconds per block while at the same time ensuring that each transaction costs less than $ 0.01.

Coinbase now allows staking Solana (SOL).

To conduct transactions on the Solana network, it is necessary to purchase Solana (SOL) signals. Outside of Coinbase, there are several options for users to purchase Solana. an the current price is $ 36.90 a slight decrease of 0.75% over the last 24 hours.

Finally, remember that the platform, a victim of its own success, recently deactivated a feature in order to avoid more failures. If you want to know more about this crypto-currency, do not hesitate to read our guide Solana.

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