Cockfight, another way to understand Bitcoin (BTC)?

Cockfight, another way to understand Bitcoin (BTC)?

Admittedly, the cryptocurrency market is in crisis, there is even talk of a “crypto winter”, but there is no question of leaving these assets in hibernation. We freely speculate on the immediate demise of bitcoin and NFTs, and history has given us wonderful gifts through them. One of them is the social dynamics that generate crypto assets. Jump a little into this explored little level of cryptocurrencies and attack a Balinese cock fight for the analogy of both worlds.

Cockfighting in Bali, more than gambling

In Bali as in Haiti or Madagascar, cockfighting is a cultural practice inherited from the Asians. That is why in this post we will focus specifically on the case of Bali.

Because Bali is home to true cock fighting enthusiasts, true enthusiasts dare to defy the law in order to continue the culture, and at the same time earn money.

In Bali, cock roosters can be summarized as follows: two male roosters fighting each other with or without a metal spur (taji) attached to one leg. These fights are usually organized in the presence of people who support the clockmakers. And if they lose their patience in these places, it is not the reason to see roses guarding each other: there is a bet of money behind every cock fight or teadjen. And this is what has prompted some countries like Bali to crack down on the practice.

In Bali, opponent choice is a very important step in this cultural practice. The law of omerta requires, the owners of the cock seek their prey discreetly and calmly. Once the agreements are in place, the preparations have been completed (fixing the taji), all that is left is to wait for the gong.

In cockfighting, we will certainly notice the circulation of money, the influx of people from different strata, and the presence of controllers as well. This is the case of the arbitrators a they are judges, kings, priests and police at the same time “.

But we must not forget that socio – cultural aspects are no less interesting such as:

  • bets: the singular bet (ceinteng act(e) and the collective bet (coalition behind roosters owners);
  • identity with the rooster: this is an observable bias among cockfighting enthusiasts, especially the male favorites;
  • the breast for the sacrifice: because the appetite of Balinese demons is appeased with the bloodshed during cock fighting;
  • weaving a link between the villages: and can go as far as resolving individual and collective conflicts;
  • srl

What does Balinese cock fight mean?

Anthropologists like Geertz, who market themselves as a pro – bitcoin research community, have been interested in cockfighting with age. To them, the case of Bali seems very interesting, because it has very deep aspects.

As mentioned above, the conflict over poultry allows people to unite with a group or even affirm their connection to cultural values ​​and beliefs. In addition to this there is day-to-day award management, emotion creation, social conflict resolution, etc.


Cockfighting is what tells us about social relationships between different social stages. What it says is that they are a matter of life and death. It is the result of Bali’s reflections on their own violence, which is not in everyday life, but which in some way attracts the human spirit: its appearance, its processes, its strength and the interest it exerts. . By fighting a cock, the Balinese tell us a story about themselves. »

In addition, the Balinese cocks draw their sociological relevance in organizing domestic bird conflicts between members of family or village groups. It is in their best interest not to place a bet against their own family or village. These pledges not only involve money, but also affirm family authority.

However, it should be noted that the Balinese offer other functions such as reaffirming their cultural values ​​to the cockfights: in particular, they express their anger.

Geertz explains:

The depth of cockfighting in Bali is not about money per se, but the money that emerges: the transfer of the hierarchy of Balinese status into the body of cockfighting. »

The participation of members of any community in the game also implies other true meanings and values ​​associated with cockfighting.

However, this sport also knows that there are speculators who are willing to bet without taking into account the commitment of this first category of people. These incorporate another classification that even Balinese are not happy with in this environment. Don’t hesitate to call him ” fools who do not understand what this sport is, vulgar people who miss all the point “.

Source: Indonesian Facts

Analogy to bitcoin

The bet side that is often placed in the middle of a cockfight is the first to appear as a point of resemblance to bitcoin. Because the queen of cryptocurrencies, in the years 2017, was considered a change of gambling. That makes speculators wander around this ecosystem. Far from acting like Balinese families or group members. Except they have the power to influence the current value of cryptocurrencies, alongside real investors.

To say that these speculators, often at the initiative of a Ponzi scheme, effectively undermine the image of cryptos in general. In addition there are hackers like Lazarus Group who are always busy getting a silver standard from investors like Shane Rochmann.

Fortunately, we still have the “Bitcoin community”, the pillar of this universe that is not very easy to understand. Not only is this community diverse, but it is often strengthened through physical and virtual meetings. Admittedly, they are often attacked, but their responses have also been hit on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram or

The bitcoin community can be involved with the help of a cockfighting arena. At the center of this infrastructure are the cryptocurrencies, and at the edge of the holders, as well as the speculators.

Crypto-currencies, even if they crash like the UST, are still under discussion. The latter can take on a technical level without losing their cultural values ​​and beliefs. However, these discussions do not stop between members of the crypto community. They can also be extended to institutions such as central banks. The President of the ECB or the President of the Fed is one of the most recent monopoly institutional representatives on the floor.

And if you want to think of an analogy for a metal spur, take the memes. The latter sometimes mimics bloody battles between the aon-coiners and the believers. The themes that emerge sometimes foster beliefs and values ​​that are specific to a particular community.

As a belief, many argue that bitcoin, for example, represents the arrival of a world where decentralization will prevail. Bitcoin would be the guarantor of the disappearance, or currently depreciation of the traditional financial system, of promoting inflation, the irresponsibility of central banks or even inequality.

Well done Satoshi Nakamoto!

Centralization vs. Decentralization

Bitcoin runs with freedom

Because cockfighting enthusiasts do not control financial interests in this sport, bitcoin investors also assume that there is a kind of speculation on the price of this asset. As stated by its creator, BTC provides a scarcity function for this disturbed digital money. What makes people flock to hold BTC in part purse and make them assets for long-term retention.

However, values ​​and beliefs are not seen in the same way within the crypto community. What motivates the exercise plunder or speculation. The IS accommodation having a cultural and philosophical pattern to look at, they will be able to embody the heart of the bitcoin community. They regularly buy BTC despite price increases or falls.

These are not accommodation that we learn about the volatility of cryptocurrencies. They hope that these assets will never fall, that their values ​​will reach an all-time high in the long run. A situation that bitcoin is often experiencing in 2021.

In short, their connection to bitcoin runs deep.

Outside the core of bitcoin are the speculators who see bitcoin as a way to accumulate wealth. A practice that Diogenes the Cynic does not approve of, because it is a matter of sensible pleasure, and guarantees pain as a corollary.

Speculators, little respected by true Bali cockfighting enthusiasts, are waiting for BTC prices to rise so they can sell and pay for luxury items. Practice than the real ones accommodation No, because they are committed to the long term and have understood the true meaning of bitcoin.

Isn’t bitcoin a revolutionary tool?

Please note that speculation with bitcoins does not imply recognition of a group seeking a fairer, more decentralized and equitable world order. But let ‘s face it, the end of cryptocurrency speculation is a pipe dream. Because the specialists around the cockfighting sites will not go out of circulation, they will be expected to rub shoulders with this type of people for as long as these practices are in place. Unfortunately, greed cannot be eradicated from human life.

In Bali, cockfighting is real, like the money that flows around the sport. In our daily lives, there is a tendency to say that bitcoin does not exist, that many Americans, French or Europeans, even Africans, do not deserve the attention at the moment. Have these people forgotten the philosophical, political and financial issues of bitcoin as a currency that guarantees the sovereignty of the individual?

Sources: Medium; Authentic Bali

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