Charlie Lee’s Litecoin Forecast

Charlie Lee's Litecoin Forecast

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Litecoin celebrated its 11th year last October. Although the crypto market seems more unstable than ever, its creator Charlie Lee remains convinced of its value. In any case, this is his main message in the Litecoin prediction shared through a series of tweets.

Charlie Lee shares an extremely optimistic Litecoin prediction

Litecoin’s main assets according to Charlie Lee

While many investors and analysts are thinking about the profitability of Litecoin, its creator Charlie Lee wants to highlight the best assets of this cryptocurrency.

On May 2, he shares through a series of tweets what he sees as undeniable indicators of Litecoin’s core strengths. According to him, Litecoin is valuable cryptocurrency. Admittedly, its price is still at the moment a fraction of Bitcoin (BTC). However, it is considered a benchmark in terms of digital money.

Charlie Lee also explains that Litecoin is perfectly compatible with the Bitcoin protocol. It has the same theoretical gambling attack surfaces as bitcoin.

Another advantage of Litecoin is that it is secured with its own set of ASIC miners. In addition to the 11 and a half years of this cryptocurrency, be there with zero downtime. And finally, it is a room with low fees.

Charlie Lee’s Litecoin Forecast: Bullish Prospects

I to tweet, Charlie Lee just presented the strengths of Litecoin. It also throws in a rather interesting Litecoin prediction. In fact, according to him, Litecoin sure to reach new heights.

“If its price is currently estimated at 1% of BTC, the price of Litecoin could climb and rally to 10% of the benchmark currency”he explained.

According to Charlie Lee, the following features will increase the price of LTC:

  • high throughput,
  • scalable,
  • the best fungus,
  • confidentiality.

Will Charlie Lee’s Litecoin prediction come true? The future will tell. One thing is certain: Litecoin already has an important place in the crypto market. Its current price is $89.89 with a market capitalization of $6.54 billion.

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