Charles Hoskinson takes Cardano’s defense (ADA) over the Internet

Charles Hoskinson takes Cardano's defense (ADA) over the Internet

Critics of the Cardano blockchain (ADA) are growing. Many people believe that Cardano is a ghost blockchain and does not necessarily deserve it in the cryptocurrency arena. The creator of ADA, then felt obligated to create his defense.

Invitation to protect the blockchain

In a Twitter post, Charles Hoskinson said “I always thought that having a microphone and an audience is an opportunity to win mood and attitude. Cardano needs a weapon to change the world, and we are not going to build it by talking to the innocent and the pure. ” He added: “We need to get the message across that Cardano is not a ghost chain there are smart contracts here “.

On Cardano’s defense (ADA), Mr. Hoskinson revealed that he has been invited to speak on blockchain in general and cryptocurrencies before the Agriculture Committee of the United States House of Representatives. This event, which was eagerly awaited by players in the sector, took place June 23 at 10:30 am

Cardano (ADA) records growth

At the time of publication of this article, the digital asset ADA is trading at around $ 0.47, which corresponds to a slight increase in its price of 6.46%. It should also be noted that cryptocurrency he reimbursed all of his weekly losses recorded in recent weeks. She’s in 6% increase. during the last 7 days. Finally, thanks to those adventures, it’s set at the 7e place in the family of the largest cryptocurrencies due to large market capitalization (CoinMarketCap).

Finally, remember that Cardano (ADA) will soon be able to take advantage of a update which will allow correct all malfunctions raised by cryptocurrency users. The update is called Vasil Hard Fork and will be released by the end of June.

Finally, IOHK published a graph showing that the Cardano blockchain (ADA) is in the process increase in popularity However. The evidence is that a total of 1,020 projects are currently under construction on the network. Meanwhile, 90 projects have already been launched recently.

The Cardano blockchain (ADA) certainly deserves its place in the digital asset landscape. In any case, this is what its creator Charles Hoskinson thinks and believes. He went to Twitter to defend the blockchain. In addition, it announced its participation in a major event involving cryptocurrencies.

Source: U.Today

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