Charles Hoskinson lays out his ambitious vision for the future of Cardano (ADA)!

Charles Hoskinson lays out his ambitious vision for the future of Cardano (ADA)!

A leading figure in the cryptosphere, Charles Hoskinson is never short of ideas when it comes to talking about the future of cryptocurrencies. The founder of Cardano also participated in this exercise two days ago, through a video published on his YouTube channel.

In particular, he shared his vision for the future of Cardano (ADA) in particular, and the vision of cryptocurrencies as a whole. He also took the opportunity to address the issue of regulation of the sector and the impact it will have on the market.

Cardano could serve as the world’s financial management system

After several years alone, cryptocurrencies are finally enjoying a beautiful life within traditional finance and government. Although there is still some fear about them, the co-founder of Cardano believes that it is time to take cryptocurrency adoption to the next level.

To this end, Charles Hoskinson believes that the world’s financial management system may eventually rely on cryptocurrencies, especially ADA. He explained that this will allow “banking services to be offered to the unbanked”. However, Hoskinson pointed out that the US government will need to enact crypto-friendly regulations to make this happen.

“It’s essential for us to take it to the next level. As many of you know, we want to use Cardano and cryptocurrencies in general as the world’s financial management systems. Achieving this requires a regulatory regime that acknowledges the existence of cryptocurrencies, sees them as positive things, and understands the freedom they provide to people. »

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Charles Hoskinson also took the opportunity to share his concerns about China’s Digital Yuan project. In particular, he suggested that it would allow a few to economically control the lives of billions of people. To prevent this, Cardano’s founder recommends nothing more or less than the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

“It’s not a hypothesis. It’s a reality we all have to face. The antidote to that is a cryptocurrency with properties that have freedom, not another CBDC, like a digital dollar or something. So we are going to fight this fight. »

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