Cardano’s Daedalus 5.1.0 wallet update is available

La mise à jour du wallet Daedalus 5.1.0 de Cardano est disponible

If the the world of cryptocurrencies It is so popular today, that it is largely due to the continuous improvements that its developers bring to it every day. This is one of the reasons for its continuous expansion.

Among the actors actively participating in the development of the sector, we can mention Cardano (ADA). This is a blockchain whose developers are working hard to improve their service. They are also very close to their community and do not fail to inform them of every update made to the system.

It is in this perspective is Input Output (IOHK), The parent organization of Cardano, recently announced the launch of a new update to its dedicated Daedalus crypto wallet. This announcement comes from a series of tweets and promises many improvements.

Daedalus’ Purse: What is it?

Daedalus It is a full-node electronic wallet designed specifically to host the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano project: ADA. Launched in 2015, Daedalus Wallet is supported by Input Output, the famous research and engineering company behind the Cardano blockchain.

Oh it was thought and created for ADA, it only supports this token so it is not compatible with other cryptocurrencies. However, this specificity gives it many advantages over the Cardano blockchain.

In fact, the Daedalus system being integrated with an entire Cardano node, it is able to store the entire history of the Cardano blockchain and automatically validate all blocks and all transactions taking place on the network. This allows him really work independently.

In addition, although it is not compatible with mobile devices, Daedalus is an open source software that is compatible with several platforms such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Thanks to his system of hierarchically deterministic (HD) portfolios, it enables its users to manage multiple wallets at the same time and thus enables them to control their funds in a more organized way.

It is important to note that since its launch in 2015, the Daedalus Wallet has not yet suffered from any security breaches. This is a very rare situation in the world of cryptocurrencies where hackers are watching out for any opportunity to create chaos. It is certainly one of the factors that contribute to this state of affairs frequent updates which the platform benefits from.

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What’s new in the new update

According to the announcement released by IOHK, Daedalus 5.1.0 introduces a total of two updates in one to the crypto wallet. The first focuses on the hardware integration of the wallet by upgrading the LedgerJS package as well as adding the Cardano Ledger App 5.0.0. As for the latter, it is about upgrading Trezor Connect to version 9.

LedgerJS refers to the Ledger JavaScript community package deployed within the Cardano API app. In the same series of announcements, the developers responsible for the project also explained that this latest version of the software integrates cardano-wallet v2022-10-06 the purpose of which is to correct the degradation of the performance of the calculation of fees.

They also clarified that former wallet users will automatically receive an invitation to the update via the Daedalus news feed. However, new users will be able to just download this new version from the project’s official website.

They ended their announcement by reminding users that Daedalus a a full node wallet for one computer. So any mobile version of Daedalus is just a massive scam aimed at stealing not only users’ Cardano credentials but also their ADA tokens.

All these precautions are not without reason, as it is not uncommon for users to have a Daedalus wallet target of scams.

What are the effects of the big Daedalus updates?

Daedalus updates are always a time of excitement and joy within the Cardano community. In fact, it is almost always a sign that a new update occurs on the exciting new features coming.

Therefore, some of the previous updates, such as version 4.9.0, greatly simplified the process of sending native signals and fix the wrong display issue Free disk space in Windows 11.

It is therefore not surprising to see that the ADA community is still very active on various social media. In fact, according to the analysis of various experts, the everyday social references from Cardano reached a peak of 52,470 on September 23 for the 5-year-old blockchain. A figure that brings the project’s social references to a total of 2.32 million on this date.

However, despite all this good news, Cardano is also suffering from the crisis that has affected the cryptocurrency world this year. Thus, its total value locked in recently fell to the lowest level in eight months as the price of the ADA token at the time of writing was dand $0.36, down 4.86% on the day, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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