Cardano is reportedly working on 20 game-changing projects

Cardano is reportedly working on 20 game-changing projects

Last Wednesday, Dan Gambardello, founder of Crypto Capital Venture, whose great passion for Cardano is known, declared on Twitter: ” I’m not sure the cryptocurrency industry is ready for what #Cardano is about to deliver. For those who might think that this is just a publicity stunt to bring Cardano to light, Gambardello warning it is none of that: This is not a tweet, hype or empty hope. Please revisit this tweet in a year to understand what I mean. But what can we expect from Cardano?

The Hard Fork on June 29th

Already on June 1, a account on Twitter with the “Ada Whale” handle listed 20 projects that Cardano is working on which states: “ I see an insane amount of activity, and like any good decentralized ecosystem, it’s hard to keep up. I thought it might be helpful to summarize the top 20 things I personally look forward to. Lmk what I missed. Among the projects he cites is the much-anticipated June 29 hard fork. That day should indeed happen Vasil hard fork made on Cardano mainnet.

To get the details of this hard fork, you have to go back to April this year and follow a Youtube video with Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOG (IO Global), the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development. In this video, he explains “ As many of you know, a major hard fork combination event is taking place in June, featuring the Vasil hard fork, which will include a pipeline, which will be a huge performance boost for Cardano. the first wave of Plutus’ significant improvements. since the launch of Plutus in September. »

The “ADA Whale” account also reported that thanks to the hard fork (HCF) combination, Vasil will be able to create a real transformation of the network. One of the consequences of this fork, one that users will feel directly, is that “L1 throughput will be one of the best in encryption. »

However, the improvements will affect other font features: online datum, guarantees, reference scripts, reference entries, broadcast pipeline “.

Cardano don plans pipeline

On February 1, John Woods, Director of Cardano Architecture at IOG discussed the pipeline and describes who it is and what it might bring to the network. ” an pipeline It is essentially an evolution of Cardano’s “plumbing” “. This is an integral part of our scaling plan this year, one of a series of published milestones covering our methodological approach to flexing Cardano’s capacity as the ecosystem grows… It will also specify that pipeline broadcast it ” enhances the consensus layer which facilitates faster block propagation. Enables even greater gains in headroom space, further increasing Cardano’s performance and competitiveness… »

On the Cardano project calendar, June 29 is an important date: the date of the Hard Fork. Let’s say it will also serve as a test for the rest of the projects. In this period of falling markets, the fact that Cardano has kept its plans interesting is quite interesting and will build the confidence of key players in a market recovery.

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