Cardano (ADA): Complete success on Vasil’s hard fork!

Cardano (ADA): Complete success on Vasil's hard fork!

The wait was long hard fork Vasil de Cardano. But we have finally entered a new era. This upgrade promises several facilities: thanks to it, the blockchain will be more scalable, cheaper and more efficient. Charles Hoskinson and his entire team must be delighted.

Promise of custody to Vasil

Like Ethereum’s The Merge, the hard fork of Cardano has been postponed a lot. Now there is no more suspense, Vasil is completely finished.

Success at the #Vasil Mainnet HFC Event!

We are happy to announce that, today at 21:44:00 UTC, the IOG team, together with the @CardanoStiftung, successfully executed the Cardano mainnet hard via HFC event, using #Vasil’s new features on the channel. »

Yesterday, while looking at the IOHK site, we noticed that there is no modification of the calendar related to Vasil. Here’s a timeline that deserves your full attention:

  • September 19: Updated Mainnet proposal date to trigger HFC event on September 22;
  • September 22: Date of HFC Mainnet Vasil, which led to the transition from the era of Alonzo to Babbage at 21: 45 UTC;
  • September 27: At the same time, the Plutus V2 cost model will be available on the mainnet.

At the same time, Cointelegraph announced that all “ critical mass indicators achieved. These are being published by Input Output very early on the morning of September 21.

With this latest addition, we have achieved the 3 critical mass indicators:

– 39 exchanges were upgraded (87.59 by liquidity);

– the Vasil node creates over 98% of the mainnet blocks (1.35.3);

– TVL’s main Cardano #DApps confirmed that they have been tested and are ready. »

After the official Input Output post, Charles Hoskinson mocked gregmomsbabysdaddy on Twitter. Because of the latter the founder of Cardano quipped yesterday by posting “ @IOHK_Charles, am I going to eat butt tonight? Vasil is broadcasting live “.

Better to buy mouthwash. Vasil is live Does anyone have any suggestions for Greg? Hoskinson replied.

A hard fork is unanimous?

Vasil a hard fork to dispute. Last August, some members of the crypto community criticized the bug related to version 1.35.2. Fortunately, Charles Hoskinson was able to solve this problem by presenting version 1.35.3 of the code.

But given the changes brought about by Vasil’s upgrade, many will be happy. Indeed, this hard fork promises, among other things:

  • block transmission without full validation, in other words, faster block creation;
  • updates from smart contract Plutus will allow dApps to be deployed and run at the lowest cost on Cardano;
  • etc

However, developers will still have to wait until September 27 to enjoy new features associated with the Plutus script upgrade.

Bill Barhydt, the founder of Abra, is among the first to congratulate Cardano for taking this step.

Congratulations to the Cardano ($ADA) team for the Vasil hardfork. Even more hard work in crypto pays off.

Making UTXOs and inputs accessible to scripts/Plutus without throwing them is a big win for developers. Good luck!

Congratulations to @IOHK_Charles @CardanoStiftung and the team! »

But this is not the end for Cardano developers. Vasil is just one step that will lead the development of the Hydra protocol, a Tier 2 scaling solution that will secure transactions out of Cardano. Also note that the hard fork Vasil pushed the ADA coin up 4% according to CoinGecko. Are these upgrades a sign of a bull run about to happen?

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Cardano before a critical update: what does the "Vasil" hard fork bring?

Cardano before a critical update: what does the “Vasil” hard fork bring?