Cardano (ADA): Another inexpensive market!

Cardano (ADA): Another inexpensive market!

Monday 05 September 2022 ▪ 2:00 pm ▪

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The NFT market is definitely down, but not so far as to sink permanently. Despite the crisis, we see more and more innovations emerging from the sector, in terms of platforms and concepts. The latest is related to the blockchain type Proof of Stake Cardano. Zoom!

Cardano releases Wafini

On Twitter, Cardano Feed announced the launch of a market NFT, Wafini. Powered by DAO, this platform will be part of the big leagues alongside Rarible, OpenSea, SuperRare and Coinbase.

Confident in their approach, the Cardano team hopes Wafini will rise to the top in time. She estimates that within 3 months, this market will collect more than 1 million ADA.

[Wafini va] to be the first marketplace on Cardano where users can safely trade NFTs, using the low fees of the Cardano blockchain “, we said on the Cardano blog.

This is probably the reason for the early organization of the pre-sale of its white list for the first buyers.

In addition, Cardano highlighted several challenges related to the Wafini market, namely:

  • improving the speed and throughput of the Cardano network;
  • listing on several decentralized exchanges (DEX);
  • exploitation of some elements in the hard fork Vasil;
  • quit the white list WFI market signals after private roundtable;
  • etc

If there’s another takeaway about Wafini, it’s arguably its decentralized and community-oriented Web3 feature for collectibles. Sometimes, users will be able to easily mintNFT sales and exchanges.

Genesis VIP-NFTs

This is a strategy adopted by Coinbase to boost the DAO that will support Wafini. These Genesis NFT VIPs will be accessible especially to the first people market.

It should be noted that Wafini OCD members will be entitled to several privileges, not to mention the participation in all governance decisions of the Committee. market. At times, his vote will be very important in defining market fees or even royalty commissions.

Other benefits to mention:

  • the possibility to verify collections immediately;
  • earning rewards from Wafini’s self-sustaining pool of money, with a portion of transaction fees progressively generated on the market.

As we approach Wafini’s private sale scheduled for 1er October, ADA holders are invited to stay tuned for related announcements. Make sure you have at least 500 ADA in your wallet before participating in this famous sale. This is the only condition imposed on those who intend to join the white list.

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