Cardano (ADA) Annual Development Report

Cardano (ADA) Annual Development Report

Cardano (ADA) has had a good start to the week. In fact, its teams are working hard to develop the group’s various projects. From corrections to modifications, the professionals at Cardano have left no stone unturned.

core technology

This week, Core Technology teams continue to promote the program, the consensus and the network.

Version, which the DB Sync team is working on, includes several DB Sync improvements. It strengthens restore and synchronization, simplifies schema, fixes some issues, and adds migrations.

Wallet and services

The Daedalus team is testing the new Cardano (ADA) application on Ledger and Trezor firmware this week. They are also working on improving Byron wallet and CPU/RAM usage analytics tracking. In addition, the Cicero transition is underway with the help of the Developer Experience (DevX) team. The Daedalus team is also improving the interaction between the DApp application and the Lace desktop application.

In the Adrestia team, there is resilience to get cardano-js-sdk ready for production use. The team is also working on the implementation of the build balance library (balanceTx) and multisig function (shared wallet) in cardano-wallet.

Smart contracts

The Plutus team, meanwhile, continues its efforts this week to extend the functionality of the Plutus Debugger and MVP scripts. As for the Marlowe team, they provide tests for the Marlowe Runtime, create several unit tests, and facilitate the use of Nix Flakes in the Marlowe Playground.

Basho (scaling)

The Hydra team is currently working on several ongoing projects, extending its Model-Based Testing (MBT) methodology to transaction creation and observation. Fixed the “AcquirePointTooOld” issues on the hydra node and changed the initialization of the wallet.


Project Catalyst is hosting voting for Circle V4 this week, which is open until December 16 (23:45 UTC). An innovation effort by the community that grew into a community organization. Indeed, the heart of Project Catalyst is still the Cardano community, which has the opportunity to freely express its views.

All in all, the various projects being developed by Cardano show that 2023 will be promising. The most important of these is the Catalyst project, which plays a leading role in the development and innovation of Cardano (ADA).

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