Cardano (ADA) achieves every stop by announcing a new project

Cardano (ADA) achieves every stop by announcing a new project

Cardano (ADA) is making a strong comeback in the cryptocurrency market and its main focus remains unchanged: “kill Ethereum”. After months of inactivity, the blockchain is slowly recreating and is on track to become the blockchain whose digital asset is currently the most popular with investors.

The reason for the ADA price increase

Over the past week, against all expectations, the price on ADA climbed 27.96%. Meanwhile, many other digital assets are still struggling to get their heads above water and escape the effects of Terra’s Ecosystem Collapse (LUNA).

What drives ADA growth? It’s simple: its development team is currently up and running operate on a complete peer-to-peer network come closer to the ideals of decentralization. It also plans to develop a new cryptocurrencywhose name will be Djed.

“Djed is the first stablecoin protocol for which stability claims have been precisely and mathematically specified, proven and formally verified,” said developer Cardano Sooraj. adds: “Djed’s master algorithm operates like an autonomous bank that buys and sells stables at a price within a set price range.”

Cardano (ADA) will innovate

In the past, Cardano (ADA) has been heavily criticized for this curse characterized by the development of its network. Criticisms were even louder when Paul Barron said that Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, had to “pumps the community because its blockchain does not allow many innovations to be realized”. This comment caused great tension between the two men.

“Without innovation? By what definition? We are part of it send proof of the issue first proper, luisto, the hard fork blender, Cardano network steel, plutus, Marlowe, catalyst, indigenous assets, babel fees, mithril, hydra… etc, they can not even lie properly ”, Hoskinson wrote on Twitter.

The team behind the Cardano blockchain (ADA) is making efforts to attract investors to its products. It recently announced the launch of Djep, a new cryptocurrency designed to provide more stability, convenience and flexibility to those who want to use it. Innovation seems to be on the agenda with Charles Hoskinson and his team.

Source: ZyCrypto

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