Can the Solana smartphone save the blockchain?

Can the Solana smartphone save the blockchain?

To the surprise of many Web 3.0 investors and enthusiasts, Solana’s smartphone tries to hide the many problems currently facing the blockchain. But will this smartphone be enough to survive on the bear market ? This is what we will try to understand.

Smartphone as a whole encrypted winter

Anatoly Yakovenko, co – founder and CEO of Solana (SOL), had a Steve Jobs – esque moment when he announced the launch of Saga, a web – oriented Android smartphone3, to an audience in New York City on June 23rd.

This is something I fundamentally believe the industry must do. We did not see a single crypto feature at the Apple Developers Conference, 13 years after bitcoin was born Mr Yavolenko said.

This smartphone would be a bridge to Web 3.0 for both insiders and those new to blockchain technology and its many possibilities.

However, it is important to note that time can be considered bad. Even if innovation can’t slow down because of the bear market, the interest coming from the general public towards cryptocurrencies is still very much correlated with the prices of these cryptocurrencies and the wave of enthusiasm when the bitcoin goes up. The Solana blockchain is also very threatening, finding the 3 causes of death according to our experts.

Furthermore, Yakovenko seems to be aware that the device does not have the greatest appeal to the general public, but sees it as something that most cryptocurrency users involved can achieve:

We are aimed at deceased people who know what self-defense means. Start with a group that loves this product and grow from it. »

Source: Solana Mobile

This is not the first crypto smartphone

Contrary to what one might think, the Solana smartphone is not the first crypto-smartphone. This shows that its competitors are struggling to express themselves.

For example, there is the HTC Exodus Cryptophone, a smartphone that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies while maintaining full control over them. There is even a partner version with Binance, but despite these novels, this smartphone is still relatively unknown.

Then there’s the Sirin Labs The FINNEY ™ blockchain smartphone, powered by SIRIN OS, a rather luxurious smartphone, retailing for $ 999. It features a cold storage for its cryptocurrencies, as well as a system of Learning and Earnings. However, the Web 3.0 community knows very little about it.

Recently, we see “BOB” first blockchain phone, which allows you to call, send messages and browse the Internet in a completely secure way. However, the project has so far failed to raise the fixed 54.545 euros, having raised just under half of this amount. The last update dates 7 months ago and shows nothing very positive about the evolution of the smartphone.

So Blockchain smartphones are of interest to many companies and the Solana smartphone is certainly the most ambitious and prominent in the web 3.0 universe. It is not clear, however, whether the need exists and whether the technology is interesting enough to compete against smartphone giants like Apple or Android.

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