Can Cardano (ADA) reach $1 before Vasil’s hard fork?

Can Cardano (ADA) reach $1 before Vasil's hard fork?

Much anticipated by the Cardano (ADA) community, Vasil’s hard fork should improve the scalability of the blockchain network. This major operation should also make the Cardano (ADA) blockchain more user-friendly. In this context, some professionals believe that the upgrade could lead to a rally in the price of ADA despite the bearish trend in the crypto market.

Cardano sees increased activity ahead of Vasil’s hard fork

According to cryptocurrency trading expert Michaël Van de Poppe, we can expect a rally in the price of ADA. Poppe reported that while Vasil’s hard fork took place on September 22, Cardano is getting closer and closer to $1. The trade expert said: “We have no momentum or hype for Vasil’s hard fork, as there has been no clear bottom line before. This offers huge opportunities if Vasil’s hard fork plays out positively. Which is quite similar to the Ethereum (ETH) compound.»

In this case, a run to $1 around this event was not expected.“, he said. It should be noted that recently, the activity of Cardano (ADA) has increased in terms of adoption and capital inflow. For example, its market capitalization increased by more than $2.1 billion in seven day at the beginning of the month. In addition, the network has undergone several developments since its inception. Cardano (ADA) has always worked to better exploit established blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH).

As the Vasil hard fork date draws closer, the Cardano (ADA) blockchain continues to record strong activity. For cryptocurrency trading expert Michaël van de Poppe, the price of ADA may reach $1 before the network upgrade.

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