Bullish on BTC: MicroStrategy seeks Bitcoin Lightning engineer

Bullish on BTC: MicroStrategy seeks Bitcoin Lightning engineer

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The software company MicroStrategy is heavily dependent on Bitcoin – that much is known. Microstrategy is looking for a Lightning Bitcoin Software Engineer. This represents a new Bitcoin project.

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In 2020, MicroStrategy drew attention when it became one of the first publicly traded companies in the US to include Bitcoin in its treasury strategy. Now the company is looking for an expert for the second layer payment solution based on the BTC blockchain “Lightning Network” to develop a product.


According to the posting, the company is looking for someone with experience to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform based on the Lightning Network. This product appears to improve security and provide the following use cases for an organization:

“As a Lightning Bitcoin Software Engineer at MicroStrategy, you will build a SaaS platform based on the Lightning Network that provides businesses with innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges and enables new e-commerce use cases.”

MicroStrategy brings Bitcoin to new use cases

Applicants interested in the job at the software company must have at least a master’s degree in computer science and engineering and at least two years of experience in software development. In addition, applicants must be familiar with major operating systems and mobile platforms.

In that sense, MicroStrategy’s new Bitcoin-based product could be an application designed for mobile phones and computers with e-commerce capabilities – as implied in the job description. This platform must be “highly scalable” and compatible with Amazon’s (AWS) cloud and advanced Web Services (AWS) solutions.

In addition to proficiency in Go, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript and Full-Stack programming languages, the candidate must be an active Bitcoin Core contributor. The job posting also lists experience with cryptocurrencies as a plus.

So it can be assumed that MicroStrategy’s new Bitcoin product will be compatible with its second layer solution and other cryptographic applications, such as a crypto wallet. However, the software company has not revealed any information about this or any other upcoming product.

Bitcoin Lightning – the key to success?

MicroStrategy founder and current chairman Michael Saylor praised the Lightning Network for its ability to be more scalable and support new use cases. According to Saylor, it is one of the most important technological products in the world.

Speaking at the Honeybadger Baltic Conference in Latvia, Saylor highlighted his company’s research and development (R&D) initiatives to leverage the Lightning Network. Saylor during the event:

“MicroStrategy has several R&D projects going on right now where we’re working on enterprise Lightning applications: enterprise Lightning wallet, enterprise Lightning server, enterprise authentication. The benefit of Lightning is not only that you can scale Bitcoin to billions of people or reduce transaction costs to near zero, but also that Bitcoin’s ethos is to be very cautious and not move quickly to the base layer without to move the universal agreement. , but in Lightning you can be much more aggressive in developing features and take more risks (…).”

The Lightning Network experience has exploded in adoption and capability. The second layer solution supported less than 1,000 BTC in 2021 and doubled that amount in the first few months of 2022.

Chart 1 Bitcoin BTC BTCUSDT, Source: Arcane Research

Some experts believe that the product could allow Bitcoin to bridge the gap between early adopters and new users and finally gain a foothold in the mainstream. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $19,300 with a loss of 1% in the last 24 hours.

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Text credit: Bitcoinist

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