Building Generational Wealth with Oryen Network, Ethereum Classic, Shiba Inu and Terra

Créer une richesse générationnelle avec Oryen Network, Ethereum Classic, Shiba Inu et Terra

It’s just cryptocurrencies! You may have heard this from fiat maximizers who want a complete cryptocurrency debacle. What many don’t realize is that the underlying technology eliminates any possibility of a third party controlling our finances. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to help you achieve generational wealth and this can be done by investing in projects such as Oryen Network, Ethereum Classic, Shiba Inu and Terra. Let’s see what they bring.

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that guarantees investors a constant high annual return, regardless of market conditions. With the Autostaking feature, anyone can buy and hold Oryen to earn passive rewards without any extra steps. The protocol uses a positive recovery formula to distribute rewards in proportion to deposit holders. The daily interest is self-compounded to reach 90% within a year and the whole mechanism is supported by cash replenishment. All ORY transactions will be taxed, strengthening the treasury to reward the public.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is an open source smart contract platform that offers the added benefit of decentralized governance. It was born out of a split from Ethereum due to differences of opinion on how the network should work. Since this split, the project has undergone several changes with the aim of creating a global payment network without a central authority. Like other cryptocurrencies, ETC is meant to be a store of digital value that can be used as a medium of exchange.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Known as one of the most popular meme tokens in the cryptosphere, Shiba Inu rocked the market when it outperformed major cryptocurrencies in 2021. crypto winter, but the implementation of the Shiba burn program helped push things forward. As the project progresses in the metric, the launch of the highly anticipated Shiba Inu game could trigger an upward movement. Given the scale of the community, SHIB could be a great investment for exponential gains.

Terra (LUNA)

The disastrous outcome of the algorithmic stablecoin UST and its subsequent effect on LUNA led to the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. In an effort to revive the blockchain, the team decided to fork the existing blockchain based on a governance vote. This resulted in a community ecosystem, where LUNA serves as a token of UST-free governance and commitment. The project may have lost investor confidence after the disaster, but experts believe in its potential as a blockchain.

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