Bring the Ethereum-Cardano bridge online

Bring the Ethereum-Cardano bridge online

Lagoon, the platform cloud computing Decentralization at the end of April announced the migration of ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency, to Cardano. Here is a version test network beta used to promote interoperability. It is a whole new solution for investors and users.

Launch of Ethereum-Cardano bridge

Users can now connect their Ethereum tokens to Cardano with Iagon Token Bridge and Milkomeda. To do this, you must have at least 4 IAG tokens in your wallet. If they do not have enough tokens, the user can transfer ADAs to EVM wallets and get IAGs. Once the signals are available, the user can access the bridging page. He can then link his Cardano wallet to the Nami and Flint wallets. It can then select Milkomeda C1 and send the ADAs to the mentioned address.

While Iagon Token Bridge is in beta testing, it allows the conversion of IAG tokens into an Ethereum and Cardano blockchain. It is a solution that allows the exchange of IAG ERC-20 in CNAG IAG tokens to improve interoperability between different blockchains.

This is possible thanks to the Milkomeda sidechain. The Milkomeda Foundation announced at the end of March the launch of Milkomedia C1 or Cardano C1. It is an EVM-enabled second-tier sidechain that enables the deployment of Ethereum decentralized applications in the Cardano ecosystem. Subsequently, ADA-AGIX went live. It is a converter that allows the singularityNET native AGIX signal to be interoperable with the Cardano ADA asset.

Next launch of hard fork Vasil and Cardano

Cardano’s parent company IOHK announced the launch of the closed public testnet phase for the end of May. The launch of the Cardano Vasi testnet will take place in early June. In addition, the deadline for the proposal of the hard fork on the mainnet is 29 June 2022.

In the next update, Vasil hard fork will introduce four different CIPs. CIP-31 or Reference Inputs, CIP-32 or Inline Datum, CIP-33 or Reference Scripts and CIP-40 or Collateral Outputs. The Vasil project honors its ambassador Vasil Dabov and must be activated between June 9-12, 2022.


Lagoon Token Bridge, Milkomeda and Vasil Hard Fork are solutions aimed at improving the blockchain. While the first two bridges to facilitate the transaction between EthereumCardano, the latest one aims to significantly improve Cardano’s performance. All of these updates aim to develop links between ecosystems and blockchain interoperability. Especially since in percentage terms, Cardano is starting to have more users than the Ethereum blockchain.

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