Bitcoin: the 7 best conferences for this year 2023

Bitcoin : le top 7 des conférences pour cette année 2023

Bitcoin continues to emulate despite his rough episodes in recent months. The world of cryptography is interesting, growing, and carving out a place among the highest institutions. Brazil has demonstrated this with its bill that would allow the payment of goods and services in cryptos.

If Bitcoin is seen as a way to make money, blockchain technology is nonetheless crucial. Because the applications around the latter are multiple and still under-exploited. The amateurs and professionals you are, bathe in the world of crypto. Conferences are a great way to build a network of enthusiasts like you !

And to help you find the best events of 2023, we bring you the top 7 conferences that cannot be missed next year! We have listed the conferences in chronological order.

1. Bitcoin Miami in Miami Beach

Bitcoin Miami is a conference where you will find many big names in cryptos! You will be able to attend shows from successful CEOs, top Bitcoin speakers, and many personalities.

The purpose of this group is clear, promote bitcoin as much as possible to help it grow worldwide. The conference will take place in May 2023 in Miami Beach.

On the program, educational content, workshops, dialogue and many other activities. All this was spread over a period of 3 days only. If you have the opportunity, this is a good way to learn more about cryptos.

And for your desire, here are some names:

  • Lyn Alden, a financial analyst with over 550,000 Twitter followers.
  • Zoltan Pozsar, CEO of Credit Suisse.
  • OBI Nwosu, CEO Fedi
  • Fodé Diop, founder of the Bitcoin Developers Academy
  • Michael Saylor, director of Microstrategy.

But that’s not all, Bitcoin Miami plans to welcome hundreds of speakers all over the world! So if you want to invest better in crypto, this conference could help you learn more.

Risk of capital loss.

2. BTC Prague in the Czech Republic

One of the largest conferences in Europe taking place in Prague this month of June 2023 from the 8 to the 10. The second one is much bigger than the previous proposal and more than 10,000 speakers are expected.

Very wide topics will be discussed there. and pointedly. So the conference will cover a wide range of topics around Bitcoin from blockchain technology, Bitcoin’s place in Europe, Bitcoin as an instrument of freedom, etc.

This conference to bring together the cream of what can be done on the subject. Here are some key players who will take part in the grouping.

  • Knut Svanholm, bitcoin educator and author.
  • Roman Reher, founder of blocktrainer channel.
  • Stephan Livera, who runs the Stephan Livera Show.
  • Glacomo Zucco, Bitcoin consultant and entrepreneur.

BTC Prague is without a doubt an opportunity not to be missed to create links of choice!

Risk of capital loss.

3. Bitcoin Mining Conference still in the Czech Republic

And we stay in Prague with this third conference of the year 2023. It will take place immediately before the previous one and he will be much less ambitious than his counterpart.

However, it will be a good introduction to the material before tackling BTC Prague. The conference will take place in a theater on June 7, 2023. A minimalist event of this kind it will be perfect for developing your network and having time to interact with others.

The project does not aim to promote any product. We will only invite people with a heart share their thoughts on Bitcoin. The speakers will be:

  • Adam Black, co-founder of Blockstream.
  • Jan Capek, co-founder of Brains.

Risk of capital loss.

4. BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference in Texas

We are going to the USA again and more precisely to Austin, Texas! The conference will focus on all things crypto related from August 24-27.

The conference he wants to be accessible to all amateurs and sometimes pushing certain technical aspects. A meeting place with high-quality people, mainly entrepreneurs who will be expected there.

Here are some of the speakers planned in the schedule to inspire you:

  • Jameson Lopp, of Casa.
  • Parker Lewis and Dhruv Bansal, co-founders of Unchained Capital.
  • Charlene Fadirepo, Bitcoin strategist.

Risk of capital loss.

5. Atlanta Bitcoin Conference in Georgia, USA

As you have noticed, the United States is a pioneer in the field and this is reflected in the number of conferences given there. The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference will take place September 6-9, 2023.

The latter specializes in promoting blockchain-related projects. Many developers will go there present their progress on the subject. TABConf is arguably the best opportunity to build strong relationships with talented developers around the world. Tickets were on sale for black Friday but you can still buy your place.

Builders Day is an activity provided by the event and is a development program that includes contributing to open source projects. During these 3 days, you will be able to participate in various activities around Bitcoin and blockchain development.

In short, if you are interested in the technical aspect of Bitcoin and looking to network with blockchain development leaders, this is arguably the best place to go in 2023

Risk of capital loss.

6. BTC23 in Germany

Still not tired? Then you might have a lot of energy left travel to Germany during the dates 14 to 17 September.

BTC23 is everything you would expect from a Bitcoin conference. If you are still new to this type of event, this conference is a good introduction. This is a public event which will give you a good overview of what to expect from the Bitcoin conference.

To overcome it, the BTC23 held near France, so there is no need to travel to the four corners of the world to attend!

Risk of capital loss.

7. Pacific Bitcoin in California USA

The dates of this conference have not yet been set. It will therefore be necessary to be patient to know when the Pacific Bitcoin will take place. We wrap up these top 7 in style with a two-day conference that will bring together the best of the Bitcoin industry.

The event is organized by Swan Bitcoin, a well-known company in the industry. The purpose of the Pacific Bitcoin is above all an event for intelligently informing the audience and make her more confident about Bitcoin.

Here are some on the bill:

  • Michael Saylor, Chairman and founder of MicroStrategy.
  • Yan Pritzker, co-founder and CTO of Swan Bitcoin.
  • Alex Epstein, author of Fossil Future.

Risk of capital loss.

While you wait for all these beautiful conferences, if you want learn about some promising crypto projects, visit this page!

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