Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Price Forecast: How Does BTC Fall After Predicting the $ 20,000?

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A few days ago, the news spread in the media that probably surprised many crypto investors: Bitcoin fell below the USD 20,000 mark for the first time since the end of 2020. The world’s first and largest cryptocurrency is suffers significantly from the current crises and rising interest rates.

Investors are now more interested in the question: What will happen to Bitcoin? Will the price continue to fall or is there a trend reversal? We want to answer these questions today with a technical chart analysis and look at the price forecasts.

Bitcoin technical analysis: short-term and long-term outlook with technical indicators

While Bitcoin currently seems to be recovering from the slippage below USD 20,000, the cryptocurrency is still in trouble. In our short-term and long-term analysis, we use trading indicators to better assess the prospects for a bullish or bearish BTC future.

Short-term bitcoin analysis

If we look at the 4 hour chart over the last seven days, there is a clear trend reversal, at least in the short term. As of June 14, the price of BTC has been declining, albeit with short support at $ 21,000. After the price fell below $ 20,000 on June 18, the price rises sharply from June 19 leading to a current rate of $ 21,250 – up 16% in 48 hours.

The moving average also supports the reversal of short-term trends on the 4-fold chart. Here, the Simple Car Average is currently at 20,500, prompting the uptrend. In addition, there is the MACD, which has been providing a bull signal since June 19th.

Even if Bitcoin should initially accept price losses again, the USD 20,000 mark should have a support line. It remains doubtful how long the current bullish development can last and whether USD 20,000 is really at the bottom of the descent – but if the price breaks the mark again, Bitcoin may slip further at first.

Long-term bitcoin analysis

For the long-term Bitcoin analysis, we look at the one-day chart of Bitcoin from the beginning of the year. After a turbulent start to the year, the price has been declining sharply since the end of March, surpassing both support levels at $ 40,000 and $ 30,000.

The downward trend initially failed the support at USD 20,000, but the moving average of the last 30 days is still at 27,100 – so the end of the bear market does not seem to have been reached yet. Similarly, the MACD level (12, 26) stands at -2,800, which is a clear signal to bear.

While some indicators like the stochastic RSI are currently set to neutral, which may be signs of a trend reversal, the overall long – term signals against bitcoin prices are still rising. So it remains to be seen whether the short-term promotion can be a longer price rally and bull market-focused trading indicators.

Bitcoin Price Projections: Here’s how much Bitcoin could be between 2022, 2025 to 2030

Price forecasts from various portals also provide further insight into the future direction of BTC development. So we want to see what it is for the largest cryptocurrency in the short, medium and long term despite the current crash.

Bitcoin forecast in 2022

We look at the price estimates from the websites TechNewsLeader and, so that we can get the widest possible view of Bitcoin forecasts.

According to TechNewsLeader, the price of BTC could rise to USD 37,000 by the end of the year, and expects a price of EUR 12,300. So, in the short term, there are different opinions.

Bitcoin forecast in 2025

TechNewsLeader’s confident outlook continues into 2025: In three years, the portal has speculated on the price of Bitcoin exceeding USD 108,000. The experts from are less confident, but they are also expecting an increased value of BTC, predicting a price close to € 30,500.

In the medium term, it can therefore be expected that Bitcoin will be able to recover from the current downturn.

Bitcoin forecast in 2030

Unfortunately, does not have a long – term forecast ready, since such a time period is more speculative than forecast. TechNewsLeader gives hope for a price of USD 707,000 in 2030, and the threshold is even higher than this value with an average forecast of just under USD 800,000.

Even if high six – digit BTC prices do not appear in the long run, it depends on various factors whether Bitcoin can be expected for such a prosperous future.

Bitcoin alternatives: DeFi Coin and Lucky Block with exciting functionalities

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Lucky Block how and when to buy
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