Bitcoin startup raises $35 million


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“We are seeing a new surge of interest in bitcoin, driven primarily by corporate and institutional adoption,” says Alex Leishman, CEO of River.

River: a new fundraiser for Bitcoin specialists

Although the hype around Bitcoin Ordinals has largely died down, we are seeing a return of interest in the No. 1 cryptocurrency. 1 of the market and in pro-Bitcoin companies. River, a US-based financial services company, is the latest to make headlines.

River has announced a fundraiser 35 million Dollar series B. Capital of King’s Way led the round, with significant contributions from Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, Cygni, Goldcrest and Valor Equity Partners. According to Alex Leishman, CEO of River, the new wave of interest in Bitcoin is largely due to adoption by businesses and professional institutions. He added:

It is not fueled by hype and the media. This year’s bank failures were the wake-up call, exposing the flaws in the traditional financial system and reminding us why Bitcoin is so important. It is a certain way towards a more powerful and transparent global economy.

The company based in San Francisco runs one of the largest nodes Bitcoin Lightningproviding payments and liquidity management to this network.

Top Bitcoin Lightning Nodes – Source:
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River Lightning: a revolution for companies that want exposure to Bitcoin?

I amRiver Lightning API it allows businesses to easily integrate with the Lightning Network. The service already supports one of the major players in the Bitcoin landscape: the Chivo wallet. The El Salvador wallet uses River services to provide near-instant, near-free payments.

River was an early adopter of the Lightning Network, following the example of famous crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex And crazy.

Overview of Lightning River node capacity and connection channels. Source:

Coinbase And Binance could soon accept the Lightning Network in order to participate in a low-cost, high-speed bitcoin network. At the Advancing Bitcoin conference in London, River CEO Mr Leishman said:

I think we are still at a very early stage. Yeah, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on and we’re helping build a really cool bitcoin protocol.

For him, it is important that people work on the real human problems (referring to the energy cost of Bitcoin). With rising transaction fees due to the same coin and Ordersmore and more exchanges and companies could go to the Lightning Network.


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