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Bitcoin’s recent rally is even more impressive compared to the performance of other major cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is up 11.6% over the past week, rivals like Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) haven’t been able to match that growth. This difference highlights Bitcoin’s current status as the leading cryptocurrency – in terms of market value and price performance.

Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market is also reflected in its market dominance, which recently rose to 51%. This means that Bitcoin represents more than half of the entire crypto market. This is not only an indicator of Bitcoin’s strong performance, but also the confidence investors have in this particular cryptocurrency.

Despite the significant progress made by other cryptocurrencies in recent years, Bitcoin remains the preferred choice for many investors. This may be partly due to the greater awareness and acceptance of Bitcoin, but also to its established infrastructure and wider use in the real world. In fact, many institutional investors see Bitcoin as a form of “digital gold” and consider it a valuable part of their investment portfolios.

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It is also worth noting that Bitcoin is the first of its kind, that Bitcoin has a certain “first mover advantage”. Many of the following cryptocurrencies, including ETH and ADA, have their own unique characteristics and advantages, but none of them have managed to outperform Bitcoin in terms of market cap or overall adoption.

This new memecoin will benefit hugely from the Bitcoin rally

There is a new memecoin on the market with promising prospects and it could benefit hugely from the current Bitcoin rally. This coin is just Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a project built on the influential Wall Street Bets community. With the $WSM presale already attracting a lot of attention and investment, this new memecoin could show great performance in the coming weeks and months.

Wall Street Memes have a unique position in the crypto world. The project harnesses the power of the Wall Street Bets community, known for their significant influence on social media and the financial world. By using memes and a creative approach, Wall Street Memes has built a strong following and quickly made a name for itself.

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The $WSM PreSale gives investors an opportunity to get involved in the project early and take advantage of the expected Bitcoin rally. Demand for $WSM is already high as many investors see that this memecoin could benefit greatly from Bitcoin’s continued bullish movement. The pre-sale has already generated a lot of interest and shows the investors’ confidence in the project.

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Another advantage of $WSM is the close association of Wall Street Memes with the Wall Street Bets community. The Wall Street betting community has a proven track record of influencing the market and setting trends. This may also affect the performance of $WSM as the community provides strong support and continues to push the project forward.

Looking ahead, Wall Street Memes has the potential to benefit from the ongoing Bitcoin rally and strong Wall Street Bets community. The memecoin $WSM could be a promising investment because it is supported by two powerful forces – the growth of Bitcoin and the influence of the Wall Street betting community.

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