Bitcoin price forecast sees BTC drop 2% – new signal lies in pre-sale: Dash 2 Trade

Bitcoin price forecast sees BTC drop 2% - new signal lies in pre-sale: Dash 2 Trade

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has had a difficult time. The price crash from the spring is still in play. The market seems uncertain and is not showing any clear positive signs. Time for an inventory, in which we want to go into how Bitcoin could develop in the future and the factors that will play a role in it.

Bitcoin course only with difficulty above the USD 20,000 mark

The price of Bitcoin has again shown volatile movements in the past seven days and at least it seems to be relatively stable in the green zone. About a month ago, the price was below the USD 20,000 mark. However, this is considered an important sticking point for further positive development of BTC price. Recently, the price has repeatedly slipped well below this mark and in some cases even reached the area below USD 19,000.

Bitcoin finally managed to break out of these regions last week. Today it is well above the USD 20,000 mark for the eighth consecutive day. It is currently within a tight range of $20,100 and $20,800. This means that there is no clear uptrend and the price is once again approaching the important border region dangerously.

In this development you could also see lower out in the price of Bitcoin. So he could be facing another positive phase. One of the reasons for this could be an announcement from the US Federal Reserve. Yesterday, the bank raised the main interest rate again by 0.75 percentage points. Now this is between the 3.75 and 4.00 percent range. Since March, this has been raised regularly to tackle rising inflation. So far, however, rising prices have not been able to be brought under control, which is why escalation has been used again.

So far, both the stock and crypto markets have reacted significantly negatively to this increase. Bitcoin also lost a relatively significant 2% after the announcement.

An increase in the interest rate does not affect the price of Bitcoin

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said at a press conference that there was “a long way to go” to bring inflation under control. However, he stressed the importance of sticking to the increases. At the same time, he announced that the pace of regular rate increases will soon slow significantly:

“With the lag between politics and economic activity, there is a lot of uncertainty. We therefore note that when determining the pace of future increases, we will take into account the cumulative tightening of monetary policy and the delay in the impact of monetary policy on activity and inflation. So I would say as we get closer to that level, moving more into restrictive territory, the speed becomes less important… and that’s why I said in the last two press conferences that at some point it will be appropriate slow down the pace of increases. So the time comes, and it may come as soon as the next meeting or the meeting after that.”

Bitcoin responded to the announcement with volatile but very small movements. A lot could be said for the future of the price if there is not a big negative after the interest rate rise. That is, it could mean that the crypto market and its traders are “accustomed” to the increases.

At the same time, the announcement that hikes will be slower in the near future could provide a cautious sense of security. If that is the case, Bitcoin could soon expect clear positive signs. But other cryptocurrencies could look forward to these positive signs in the future. Among them is the Dash 2 Trade project.

Dash 2 trade advance sale could be an alternative to BTC investment

Investing in Bitcoin still carries a high level of risk during these times. Accordingly, the situation on the market is still tense. Therefore investors could look for alternatives in the crypto scene, which is offering more and more pre-sales of new projects.

The new Dash 2 Trade Token is still in such a presale. He has been very successful since his release. More than $4.3 million worth of coins have been sold since October 20th. The dynamic pre-sale is currently in its second phase. This could end in the next few days.

On the one hand, the demand is high because of the reduced price at the moment. Because during the sale this is increased in every step. But the project brings more than a low price. The Dash 2 Trade platform aims to create a unique analytical website for crypto traders.

It is intended to give traders the opportunity to use numerous analyzes and calculations to optimize their cryptocurrency trading. Among other things, announcements about future pre-sales are available. This clearly differentiates the project from other analysis portals. These usually exclude pre-sales.

But Dash 2 Trade focused on PreSale, ICOs and IDOs. Not without reason, as these can sometimes offer significant returns to crypto traders. Dealers are notified of upcoming and ongoing presales. So you get at a glance information collected about current projects. So the platform saves users the work of having to search for all the information themselves.

Among other things, the following features will be available to users of the Dash 2 Trade platform:

  • Chain analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • automatic trading
  • Social media trading
  • Risk Profiler
  • Announcements about listings
  • Announcements about EITs and IDOs

The users can choose the access they want. Basic access will be available to all users free of charge and is a type of trial access. All users who have purchased a D2T token will receive it automatically.

Expanded access has started with a much larger repository of analytics and notification services. This will buy users 400 D2T tokens monthly. With the platinum access, access to all functions is possible without restrictions. This should cost 1000 D2T coins per month in the future. This gives crypto traders in-depth information and analysis that they can use to significantly improve their trading.

The Dash 2 Trade project has good forecasts due to its unique selling point. This could make it stand out from the crowd of the crypto market in the future. With the possibility of subscriptions that users can take out, the price could develop positively in the future.

If there is a positive demand for the subscriptions, this could have a positive effect on the tokens. Because the more donations are achieved, the more coins will be needed to pay for them. So Dash 2 Trade has the potential to establish itself as a solid altcoin in the crypto world and brings with it a use case for its buyers.

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