Bitcoin price forecast: Here’s how BTC could develop by 2030 – these alternatives look promising

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It is a difficult time for crypto investors: The price of Bitcoin has been falling for six months now, from a high of € 58,000 in November 2021 to € 28,500 today. So it’s time to reconsider your own investments and look at the long-term sustainability of bitcoin.

We look at bitcoin price forecasts and forecasts and try to figure out how the price might emerge in the short, medium and long term up to 2030. At the same time, we will go into two other exciting options that they may have more potential than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price forecast 2022, 2025 to 2030: How will BTC fare in the next few years?

Do you find red numbers in your crypto portfolio and consider what price changes might occur in the future? It is worth looking at the Bitcoin price forecasts for 2022, 2025 to 2030. As the largest cryptocurrency of all time, the price of BTC is pulling all Altcoins with it, whether up or down.

Bitcoin short-term forecast

First, let ‘s look at the short term in the future and see how the current price of € 28,500 could change by the end of 2022. The threshold Accordingly, further price losses are expected by December, and bitcoin could fall to just under € 22,000.

Clearly there is more confidence Priceprediction.netwhich represents an average closing price of around € 35,800 for 2022. This would equate to a 25% gain.

Likewise positive leaves look at the coming months. Using an algorithm, the experts developed a price forecast of around € 63,200 by the end of the year, even if the current BTC rate is likely to double in the near future.

In the medium term, for the year 2025, all three platforms see a great opportunity for Bitcoin. As well as An increase of almost 70% is expected by the beginning of 2025, as at, which would put the price of BTC at the end of 2024 between € 75,000 and € 86,500.

The algorithm of calculation of It is also more than optimistic for the next five years and sets the price of Bitcoin at € 132,000. That would equate to a 360% gain, which does not seem impossible given the long five year time frame.

Bitcoin long-term forecast

If we look at the long – term future of bitcoin, the forecasts are naturally very different. One thing is clear: no computer expert or algorithm can look to the future and calculate exactly how much BTC is worth in 2030. So, long – term projections are more personal speculation than precise predictions. estimates that the price of Bitcoin between € 732,000 and € 885,000 will be achievable by 2030. As of today, an average of around € 753,000 would correspond to price growth of more than 2,500%: This was a real scenario here.

The prognosis model offers a similar value hence Bitcoin could rise to € 744,000 by 2030. It remains to be seen whether the optimistic prospects of the financial newspapers for 2030 will actually materialize.

However, the short-term, medium-term and long-term forecasts strongly suggest that even if there could be significant crashes in the price of Bitcoin in the meantime, the course has already been set for BTC’s successful future. So it’s not too late for a long – term investment, the current offspring may even offer the ideal entry point before Bitcoin could rise.

Alternatives to Bitcoin: Lucky Block and DeFi Coin in particular may rise faster than BTC

For those who would prefer to rely on alternatives due to the continued decline in the price of bitcoin, investing in these two exciting altcoins may be particularly worthwhile. Both Lucky Block and DeFi Coin are among the most promising cryptocurrencies and may have greater growth potential than BTC.

Lucky Block is an upcoming crypto lottery powered by Binance Smart Chain. With the help of smart contracts and the in-house BEP-20 LBLOCK token, the platform’s developers want to ensure transparent and secure gaming, which also offers a high level of fairness thanks to a special winning system.

Lucky Block won 2 million

In addition to their Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection, the team has launched its own app in recent months, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store. The first crypto lottery is scheduled to take place in May, which is why the LBLOCK coin could go through the roof soon.

Not just Lucky Block, but DeFi Coin represents a promising alternative to Bitcoin.The BEF-20 native signal of the decentralized exchange DeFi Swap hides an investment that rewards long-term investors with every trade in the cryptocurrency.

In fact, each sale or swap of DEFC tokens is charged a 10 percent fee, half of which is distributed to all DeFi coin holders. This way, your own stock of DEFC tires will automatically increase without running the risk of inflation: the regular burning process ensures this.

Buy DefiCoin

In addition, the community – oriented DeFi coin comes with other benefits, from automatic liquidity pooling to exclusive DeFi coin NFTs that can only be purchased by DEFC holders. A few days ago, DeFi Coin made a big jump from € 0.1 to € 0.53, the current price is € 0.27.

Guide: How to invest in DeFi Coin

To invest in the DeFi Base, only the following three steps are required:

Step 1: Connect wallet to DeFi Swap

First, we go to, the official decentralized DeFi Swap exchange, and click the blue button in the upper right corner to pair our wallet with the platform.

Here we have the choice between a MetaMask wallet or a crypto wallet powered by WalletConnect.

Step 2: Cryptocurrency Exchange for DEFC

We can then exchange the crypto tokens we already have in our wallet for DEFC. To do this, we select the cryptocurrency we already own (eg BNB) in the upper field and make sure to select under DEFC “Swap To”.

Now we enter the number of coins we want to exchange and confirm the transaction with one click.

Step 3: Keep DeFi coins and make money

We managed to buy the DeFi coins then and we can keep them in our wallet. We take advantage of all future trades with DEFC and we can watch as our inventory of DeFi coins increases.

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