Bitcoin price forecast: BTC still in target despite sideways movement according to these predictions

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The Bitcoin course represents a volatile picture. But in the last few weeks it has been anything but dynamic. BTC price stuck at $19,000. The movements are very small and do not matter much.

The current stable may be the calm before the storm. Bitcoin could be bullish or bearish in the near future. Two situations could be decisive.

Current Bitcoin course: sideways for weeks

Currently Bitcoin is only moving between the USD 19,000 and USD 20,000 mark. The digital applications are in the middle of a correlation with the stock market and show an uncharacteristic calm. That could change in the coming week, however.

In the last 24 hours, the price has fallen by 1.4%. Today, BTC price is equal to $19,563. It has traded just below the $20,000 mark twice in the past seven days. The range between USD 19,000 and USD 19,3000 is very low for Bitcoin. Also, the $19,000 and $20,000 area is a small area due to how volatile the price has been historically.

Analyst Edward Moya is skeptical about current developments. In an interview with The American OANDA on Saturday, he said:

“Breaking the $20,000 mark shows that confidence in the crypto industry is falling. Too many cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges are under enormous financial pressure due to the cost of borrowing.”

He sees no recovery for the entire industry in price stagnation. He assumes that the current economic crisis will have a negative impact on the crypto world: “A capitulation of investors and with that all swansongs to Bitcoin & Co. It remains too early at this point, however.” Rising prices, high energy and living costs would fundamentally change the behavior of crypto traders.

Crypto analysts have different opinions. Some assume that the lack of volatility means that cryptos are stabilizing and that cryptos will start rising again soon. Others see the crypto world as the beginning of the end. Key corporate earnings and economic data are coming up next week. This could also affect the price of Bitcoin.

Instead of Bitcoin: Important corporate profits

Big Tech made a big gain and is now 500 points strong in the S&P sector. Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOGL) also saw gains this week. META won on Wednesday. Apple and Amazon rose on Thursday. These are important events for the stock and crypto market.

In the case of risky assets, including cryptocurrencies, it will matter if positive signals continue to be sent. That could be the case with future changes in Federal Reserve policy.

Altcoins: the developments

In addition to Bitcoin, the developments in Altcoins also play a big role. The second largest coin, Ethereum, has risen over the past seven days. On Monday, the price of ETH rose to $1,388. It is back at USD 1,365 today. This showed a more vivid development, as in the last few weeks.

Solana has increased by almost 1.3% in the last 7 days. Today, however, the price fell again by 3.3% and currently stands at USD 28.51. Cardano also showed small volatile movements. However, memecoins have not received much attention from crypto traders and are rarely traded.

Bitcoin forecast: this is how BTC could continue

Opinions on the future of bitcoin differ greatly. Many factors can have a positive and negative impact on the future course. The price is not only influenced by the stock market and the overall economic situation.

Also, news related to cryptocurrencies and their adoption tend to influence the price of the first coin. Cycles also play a big role. The coin is currently in a bearish section.

An overview was published by, which reflects the different opinions of analysts. The experts calculate the possible future of bitcoin using different models.

Analysts do the JP Morgan Chase make a Bitcoin forecast that assumes a value of USD 146.00. The great thing is that the price should be fixed before the end of this year. The experts from Bloomberg see BTC slightly weaker and USD 100,000 price accepted.

at Bitcoin Standard Chart you can see the coin rise to a value of 175,000 USD this year. The analysts from Citibank are even more generous with the values ​​and see the BTC rising to up to USD 318.00.

These are excellent values ​​from which the base is still far away. Firstly, it would be important for the price to break out of stagnation and regain value. This could then attract new buyers and investors, leaving BTC entirely.

If one calculates the future value of bitcoin using the stock-to-flow model, one can see more interesting values. According to this, the value could be as high as USD 121,000 next year. For the year 2030, the model assumes a value of 10,000,000. This is what the analysis from describes

Bitcoin forecast: conclusion

Most analysts agree that the entire cryptocurrency situation can change very quickly. This was demonstrated by the price crash in the spring of this year. The caution that traders currently have is not allowing any coin to break out of the bear market. However, if there are further positive developments in the stock sector, this could be the start of a breakout.

However, since this depends on many factors, it is currently unclear when Bitcoin will wake up again and rise above the important USD 20,000 mark. New entry is not recommended at this time.

Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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