Bitcoin price forecast: all-time high “inevitable” – before the halving! Top Analyst: BTC has never been so bullish

Bitcoin price forecast: all-time high "inevitable" - before the halving!  Top Analyst: BTC has never been so bullish

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Are crypto investors experiencing the calm before the storm? The bullish factors are piling up – but Bitcoin seems to be stuck in the current price region. According to a new forecast, that could soon change, because: The next half is just around the corner – and the charts are signaling a new bull run that will drive BTC to an all-time high. Should you buy Bitcoin now?

Bitcoin: Rally before Half?

“When will it really be a bull run again?” Investors have been waiting for an explosive upward move for weeks, and Bitcoin has been boring with its price action for weeks. BTC is up +1.24% in the last 24 hours, trading at $26,772 as a result. At least – although not very exciting.

But: Signs of a new rally are rising. For example, top trader “Credible Crypto” thinks a new all-time high is “inevitable.” He sees a unique historical situation for Bitcoin, the digital asset in an unprecedented position. The analyst of his more than 340,000 Twitter followers:

“There are fewer TRANSMITTERS available than at any time in Bitcoin history.”

But what does that mean? Bullish industry watcher: Right now Bitcoin is “like a rag soaked in kerosene in the middle of a forest full of dead trees”. That means: “a single spark of demand” is not needed for an all-consuming fire!

And as soon as the fire burns, the uptrend begins. The best trader:

“Slowly at first, then all at once – just like a forest fire that starts from a single spark and soon develops into an uncontrolled blaze that snuffs out anything and everyone that comes in its way.”

high all the time? “inevitable”

The analyst emphasizes the reduction in supply: Continue to accept that, it is “inevitable” that the price will rise to new highs – no matter how many companies have fallen, no matter if the ” second largest stock exchange in the world”, whatever it is. how terrible are the SEC’s enforcement actions. Credit:

“And I bet it’s happening sooner than anyone expects.”

His conclusion: Bitcoin reaches an all-time high – even before the halving in April 2024. If you want to position yourself: buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer is a popular option.

However, the industry observer himself admits: Yes, it could be wrong. If Bitcoin fails to develop any significant momentum before the halving, the direction could also be reversed, as the halving expectations remain fulfilled – and BTC sensitively corrects.

If that’s not too sure, you could check if Wall Street Memes (WSM) is an alternative: The new cryptocurrency was able to collect a whopping $8.75 million in pre-sales and is now moving in big steps to the $9 mark million. milestone too! Why are investors flocking to the upcoming meme coin right now?

Wall Street Memes – Record Presale Raises $9M Funding

Is the first Pepe Coin (PEPE), Dogecoin killer or Wojak coming here? At least 10x should be possible, ie a tenfold increase in value. This is what crypto influencer Jacob Crypto Bury believes, for example:

The reason: WSM is the new token of the popular “Wall Street Memes” platform that just launched – and this cryptocurrency community is already successful with more than 1 million followers! The concept: Wall Street Memes combines financial topics with internet culture and offers funny and informative content about stocks, crypto and more. Class that the WSM token is now also hit.

WSM – better than BTC?

Forecasts confirm the huge potential of the asset, and the project roadmap also has several plans: “Greed is good”, according to the motto of the coin, it is planned to bring WSM to a market capitalization of $ 1 billion and thus into the crypto Olympus . For comparison: Algorand (ALGO) only has a market capitalization of 835 million dollars, VeChain (VET) has just broken the billion with 1.08 billion dollars.

And also compared to Bitcoin (BTC), the most famous and valuable crypto asset, Wall Street Memes (WSM) has several advantages that could make it a worthwhile investment:

  • For one, WSM is much cheaper than BTC. That means: You get more bang for your buck.
  • On the other hand, WSM has a strong and dedicated community that supports and promotes the project. WSM even benefits from the attention of notables like Elon Musk – he already mentioned the platform on Twitter!
    Buy Wall Street Memes now
  • In addition, Wall Street Memes (WSM) sees itself not only as a meme base, but as an innovative project that wants to expand and improve the related “Wall Street Memes” platform. This should be possible, for example, through a decentralized exchange (DEX) on which users can trade different crypto assets. WSM is also developing a marketplace for NFTs (Non-Intangible Tokens) where users can buy and sell digital artwork related to the Wall Street Memes brand. Experienced traders know: Billions are being traded here.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is more than a fun joint venture – it’s a serious investment opportunity for investors interested in the intersection of financial and internet culture. And best of all: Compared to Bitcoin, which already has a high price and increased market capitalization, Wall Street Memes offers much more room for growth and innovation! But important: Despite optimistic forecasts, meme coins are considered very risky – do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose.

Last updated on June 20, 2023

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