Bitcoin News: Revolution in payments – Telegram allows credit card payments with BTC


Telegram users can now Credit card payments with Bitcoin Do. So the cryptocurrency can now be used as a traditional payment method. Does this attract new investors who want to invest in Bitcoin? How does this affect the price of Bitcoin?

The TON network connects Bitcoin to the physical world through Telegram

Credit card payments in Bitcoin with Telegram are not all that new in this area. Telegram users can now quickly and easily Buy bitcoin via bank transfer. The basis of these possibilities is the TON network of Telegram developers.

TON stands for Telegram Open Network and the Telegram messenger should equip crypto functions.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram:

TON is a combination of Telegram’s technical excellence and developers’ years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space“.

Telegram, TON and Bitcoin are the new dream team

It is of course very interesting for all cryptocurrencies while using one of the most famous messaging apps over 700 million users in the future Bitcoin as a payment method huge support. TON should enable users to communicate more securely in the future.

It is the basis of one TON open source layer 1 blockchain, which is completely independent of other cryptocurrencies. TON also uses the Sharding Technologywhich makes the blockchain very powerful.

Takes some time It only takes five seconds to create new blocksin the Bitcoin blockchain, the time is about 10 minutesuntil a new block is created. This shows the high speed at which TON works.

The IS TON network has been around since 2018. It is being developed by a team that also works at Telegram. The network creates up to 50,000 transactions per second.

In the future, the developers even want to achieve that over 1 million transactions per second can.

Telegram with its own wallet app: Wallet-Pay

TON uses the native token TON-Coin. This cryptocurrency is also used to pay for transactions. In Telegram, a TON connection happens through the App Wallet Pay instead of. This currently supports Bitcoin, TON and USDT.

With the Wallet Pay app it is possible Buy Bitcoin, TON and USDT via bank transfer. eToro also offers a good experience when buying Bitcoin and Bitcoins can also be transferred to the Wallet Pay app here.

If Bitcoins are available in the Wallet Pay app, they can be used to process credit card payments. The bitcoins can also be transferred from another wallet to Wallet-Pay, as with other cryptocurrencies.

Sophisticated technology has long made it possible to send and receive Bitcoin

It has been possible to receive and send bitcoins in the TON network since last year. A decentralized crypto exchange is also part of the network.

With the new option to pay by credit card, of course the connection to the crypto world is more interesting. The focus of developers is increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

As more Telegram users use the TON network and Wallet Pay app, expect them to buy more cryptocurrencies as well. Of course, promising cryptocurrencies also benefit from this.

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