Bitcoin Montreal will be held

Bitcoin Montreal will be held

Soon an event will be organized in the city of Montreal to celebrate the supremacy of bitcoin (BTC) over other cryptocurrencies. This large-scale celebration will see the participation of several famous people, such as the emblematic Francis Pouliot, a pioneer in the protection of bitcoin (BTC).

A much anticipated bitcoin event

In the heart of Montreal, users of the king of cryptocurrencies, the BTC, will be excited about an event. With special guest Francis Pouliot, Bitcoin Montreal will bring together all cryptocurrency fans for a celebration that promises to be memorable.

The event aims to a crucible of thought about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the importance of using them to replace traditional money.

Several companies support the Bitcoin Montreal organization. Among these, we can mention Bull Bitcoin, one of the most reliable crypto companies in Canada. Thanks to Bull Bitcoin, participants will be able to buy various goods not paying with fiat currency. They will be able to serve BTC arrange their payments.

Another company also helps organize the event. This is Coinkite, a hardware company based in Canada. A leader in security, it sponsors Bitcoin Montreal. It will also provide articles for participants. In addition, various gifts, drinks and snacks will be provided to those who participate.

In the city of Montreal will soon be held the Montreal Bitcoin. This is an event whose objective is to draw attention to cryptocurrencies and develop the reasons why they should replace traditional currencies.

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