Bitcoin is now trading at 81K at ArbiSmart, here’s why

Bitcoin is now trading at 81K at ArbiSmart, here's why

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Crypto traders are always looking for the best deal when deciding to buy and sell their digital assets. With a new feature created by ArbiSmart (RBIS) Introduced, however, merchants can now not only save a few dollars on the transaction, but also huge ones guaranteed Generate profits.

ArbiSmart’s flagship project is, among other things, crypto arbitrage. However, the popular financial service provider also offers tools to exchange FIAT and crypto.

A little about ArbiSmart

Founded in early 2019, ArbiSmart is one of the EU approved, a fully automated crypto arbitrage service platform. It guarantees annual gains of up to 147% on both FIAT and cryptocurrencies, which is higher than any other licensed crypto arbitrage provider.

You simply deposit funds and choose an arbitrage investment plan where the funds are locked and used to trade crypto arbitrage for you. The investment plans can be taken out in any of the 30 ArbiSmart supported currencies and have different terms between 1 month and 5 years, and the longer the contract, the higher the profits.

The automated system does the rest. It is connected to almost 40 exchanges and monitors hundreds of coins day and night. In doing so, it looks for short steps in which cryptocurrency is available on different exchanges at the same time at different prices. The system can execute a huge number of transactions at the same time, and every time it sees a price drop, it buys the coin where the price is the lowest and then sells it when the price is the highest to make a profit from the trading range.

Profits remain constant regardless of which direction the market moves, and can calculated in advance before you make a deposit. The profits depend mainly on your account status which depends on how much RBIS, the native signal, you have. If you choose not to have RBIS, you can still earn passive profit with an arbitrage investment plan, but more RBIS means higher profits on plan balances in EUR, BTC or any FIAT or other supported cryptocurrency. If the savings balance is kept in RBIS, you will achieve even better annual profit.

ArbiSmart also offers exchange services with unique reward features

ArbiSmart also offers exchange services with unique reward features, which we will detail in a moment. In addition, new services will be added in the next quarter, including an NFT market and a first-of-its-kind DeFi protocol to offer gaming capabilities to further increase yield farming using ArbiSmart NFTs.

Now that we know a little about ArbiSmart in general, let’s dive specifically into the buying and selling features that allow you to get a 50% discount when buying currency, or 10x the market value when selling it..

Buying currencies through the exchange

Every time you buy cryptocurrency or FIAT through the ArbiSmart exchange, you can get a discount of up to 50% on the price of the currency you buy.

Each time you select a currency to buy, you will be presented with various discount options between 10% and 50% on the screen before you make your purchase. These include a minimum purchase and vesting period, the higher the discount. In some cases, the conditions also include the accrual of a certain amount of RBIS until the vesting period expires.

For example, if you decide to buy $2,000 worth of Bitcoin at a 25% discount, you will only pay $1,500 for your BTC. The full Bitcoin value of $2,000 is credited to your balance immediately, but you cannot withdraw it until the end of the vesting period.

Sell ​​currencies through the exchange

Sell ​​currencies through the exchange

Favorable conditions are also provided when selling cryptocurrencies through the ArbiSmart exchange. If you choose to profit from the selling feature, you will receive exactly 3x the market value of your Bitcoin or Ethereum, whether the market is bullish or bearish. All 25 cryptocurrencies supported by ArbiSmart get you 3x the market price, except the native RBIS token, where you get 10x the market price.

Get 3x the market price for all 25 currencies supported by ArbiSmart, and even 10x for RBIS

Imagine that ApeCoin crashes tomorrow and drops to half of its current price. Then you could sell it on the ArbiSmart exchange and ensure that your APE does not continue to depreciate. Instead of suffering a loss, you would make a profit because you are locking in three times the current price.

If you fear that the price will more than triple during the vesting period, you can simply hedge and sell some of your coins.

Eligibility for the higher selling rate is subject to two conditions – a vesting period of 24 months and a minimum selling amount, which is different for each digital asset.

So, for example, if you decide to sell $700 worth of Bitcoin, $2,100 worth of BTC will be credited to your balance immediately, which you can withdraw 24 months later. However, if you decide to sell $700 worth of RBIS, the $7,000 native token will be credited to your balance and available at the end of the vesting period.

It is not surprising that many traders are using this new exchange feature

It is not surprising that many traders use this new exchange feature to take advantage of the second type of arbitrage, which in this case is manual. You buy RBIS on other exchanges and then sell them through the ArbiSmart exchange to one guaranteed up to 10x win.

The buy and sell functions on the ArbiSmart exchange ensure that you make a profit no matter which way the market moves.

Are you ready to make 60,000 from your bitcoin? Register with ArbiSmart now!

Last updated on March 29, 2023

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