“Bitcoin is dead” is trending in Google search

"Bitcoin is dead" is trending in Google search

the research »bitcoin is deadGoogle engine trends. The main reason is a sharp fall in the crypto market with losses of more than 50% over one year.

Data from Google shows that this type of search has become more frequent since May 2021. Here it is of the month Terra fellbut also when the Chinese government has strengthened its policy on mining and the crypto industry Generally.

However, trend searches are not as high in terms of volume as they were in 2017 and 2018 when Bitcoin went up. $ 20,000 to about $ 3,000 in less than a year.

15 predictions announcing the death of Bitcoin in 2022

According to data from 99Bitcoins, a site that lists all the times Bitcoin was declared dead, already announced dead 15 times in 2022 and 455 hours since 2010.

Bitcoin ‘s latest funeral announcement comes from an investment fund manager named Peter Schiff. This one no longer believe in Bitcoin for a long time and he pointed out that his fall is near.

Christine Lagarde is also there, President of the European Central Bank recently confirmed that Bitcoin is worthless.

2017 and 2018 are still the most active years in terms of Bitcoin death announcements with a total of 124 news on the topic. So it remains to be seen how this will develop over the rest of 2022 based on the performance of the cryptocurrency.

Overview of the current Bitcoin price

Bitcoin maintains its support over $ 20,000 although last night fell again in the $ 19,000 range. This support is still important because if the value continues to decline, many positions may be liquidated.

This is especially true for some investment funds or DeFi platforms they are probably at the border. If the price of Bitcoin falls further, many sites could close and this asset could lead to an even bigger fall.

It must also be taken into account that some events can currently influence the price of Bitcoinsuch as the recent announcements made about the Federal Reserve in the United States.

As a bonus, a similar event could lead to the collapse of several constables following the Terra disaster. For now, USDT and USDC managed to keep their peg. In spite of everything, with a difficult current market and growing fears being felt, anything is possible. It is necessary, therefore, to be careful and adhere to the basics before investing or even releasing their long-term positions.

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