Bitcoin games – easily become a Bitcoin millionaire with gambling?

Bitcoin games - easily become a Bitcoin millionaire with gambling?

The main thing right now is to play to earn games, and not just on the blockchain and metaverse. There are also many games on the smartphone where you can win cryptocurrencies. Despite all the fluctuations in the market, Bitcoin is still the most popular – which may also be due to some Elon Musk. However, the hype has made bitcoin almost unaffordable for most people (1 bitcoin is currently worth around 29,000 euros). Bitcoin games promise the easy way to the coveted cryptocurrency – or at least parts of it.

Bitcoin games – the easy way to make the first millions?

So you can easily win the first millions of Bitcoin with your smartphone or computer. It’s not (unfortunately) so easy after all. Especially with the smartphone games, no big profits can be generated. These are more like the famous fall in the ocean, to say the least. In addition, in many of the games you have to watch advertising after the game is over so you can claim the prize at all.

Play2Earn Games – big wins with big wins

It looks a little different with Axie Infinity’s Play to Earn Games a day and the Sandbox. Big profits can be made here, but you should always keep in mind that you need to invest something in advance. Because the games are based on the free-to-play principle, but to be able to play properly, you have to invest money in advance. A good example here is the Axie Infinity-type Metaverse Meets Pokémon that has been running for a long time from Play2Earn.

In order to be able to play at all, you first need three Axis. These cost around 30 euros (depending on the price of the AXS – Axie Infinity’s native token). But precisely with the NFT you can earn nice sums in the Play2Earn Games. We will wait for the example of Axie Infinity. The most expensive Axie went over the virtual counter for a whopping 85.2 ETH (about 169,000 euros). With the Sandbox, which is similar to the evergreen Minecraft, a gamer is said to have paid 150 Ethereum (that is about 650,000 euros) for a yacht.

Tua Infinity

But you don’t have to be an Axie breeder or an NFT designer right away. Even playing NFT games can generate a nice extra income.

Online casinos – for careful use

Of course, online casinos have also jumped on the crypto bandwagon. Many of them now offer a certain amount of Bitcoin as a start-up bonus, but these are subject to certain conditions. Pure free spin offers for new customers are rare. This means that if you want to gamble in an online casino, you also need to invest your Bitcoin. You should always read the fine print very carefully, preferably before you start playing. How many times do I have to play through my welcome bonus to even get a withdrawal? How much time do I have for this?

Other casinos, on the other hand, only provide the almost bonus, which then has to be cleared by betting your own money. This has the advantage that any winning money is paid immediately. But there is a trap here, especially for people at risk of addiction, as you can have virtual money very quickly if victory does not work that way. Basically, you should make sure that the casino has a state license. Then seriousness is guaranteed.

Lucky Block – the transparent crypto lottery

An alternative, if AN is an alternative to mobile games, P2E and online casinos
Lucky Block – the encrypted lottery where you can, with a little luck, become a millionaire or at least a Lamborghini owner in one fell swoop. Lucky Block is based on the Binance smartchain so it is truly serious, transparent and easy to understand. The linchpin is the native LBLOCK sign. Logically, this is how the profit is distributed. The holders of the LBLOCKS also receive a share of the profit every day.

Lucky block lottery

70% goes to the winner

10% goes to LBLOCK owners

10% goes to Lucky Block, the capital is then used for marketing purposes, for example

10% goes as a donation to non-profit organizations

The online lottery draws will begin in May 2022. The LBLOCK got off to a great start after PreSale and is considered a HotCoin for 2022.

Lucky Block NFT Collection

But Lucky Block is planning much more and wants to create a complete Metaverse ecosystem around crypto lotteries, NFT, P2E games and GameFi. The first step is the NFT collection
Platinum Rollers Club, limited to 10,000 pieces. If you are lucky enough to get such a grip, you will take part in a special NFT lottery every day. Due to the strict limitation, the chances of winning are much higher than with the normal lottery. There are also 25 ultra-rare NFTs hidden within the NFTs, which are randomly awarded. Whoever holds the jackpot and holds such an NFT will win twice. The Lucky Block Team has put together something extra. One Lamborghini Aventador and $ 1 million in cash prizes will be raffled off among NFT holders of the Platinum Roller Club.

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Bitcoin has won over fed volatility as analysts still share a return of about $ 24,000

Bitcoin has won over fed volatility as analysts still share a return of about $ 24,000