Bitcoin falls? Why buying these cryptocurrencies might be better right now

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The price of Bitcoin has been steadily declining since the beginning of this year. This is partly due to inflation, but also to the low interest rates.

A reversal in interest rate policy has led to an increase in inflation, which is likely to continue to affect cryptocurrency demand in the future.

But other reasons also play a role in the coin’s price falling. On the one hand, Bitcoin developers must admit that they are no longer the fastest in the crypto world, other blockchain-based projects can scale better and are faster and cheaper.

Although Bitcoin remains the market cap leader, a good prognosis does not seem clear. Especially in these times, investors are not sure if buying Bitcoin still makes sense or if other cryptocurrencies can be a better option right now. In this article, we list some good alternatives to Bitcoin and go into coin predictions.

Ethereum (ETH)

The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has risen slightly over the past three months. According to Coinmarketcap, the price today is around 1,500 euros. Further development involves, among other things, the Ethereum 2.0 update.

With the update, the coin will move to the proofing process, reducing the number of coins available to 90%. The update is expected for September 2022, the algorithm will not only expand the capacity of the Ethereum blockchain, but will also be more efficient and less energy intensive in the future.

But Ethereum has more plans in the future, after the update there is a layer 2 solution to follow, which should make the coin work even more efficiently and economically. Layer 1 is mitigated by Layer 2, which should ensure further increases and, above all, long-term increases.

So the coin gives new investors a good reason to invest now, right? Analysts are assuming good price growth for at least 2023. The forecasts are for a maximum price above USD 5,000.

DeFi Coin (DEFC)

The decentralized cryptocurrency DeFi Coin has a market capitalization of EUR 826.604 since its launch in May 2021. DeFi offers users a variety of DeFi applications.

The coin’s white paper reveals major steps in the cryptocurrency’s evolution. The DeFi Swap is due for an update and its own app is also being planned and will be published soon. In the more distant future, trading with NFTs is also planned.

After a 300% rise in May, the base has declined slightly over the past three months. The price today is 0.0702 Euro.

Several arguments speak for a good forecast for the DeFi coin. On the one hand, there is a large market volume in the DeFi sector. Decentralized finance is gaining more and more recognition in people’s daily lives, and the market size is growing every day. In addition, the many functions of DeFi Swap is an interesting factor that can provide many results.

But especially the cryptocurrency future plans are especially important for the forecast of the coin. And DeFi Coin delivers these in large numbers in any case.

Analysts agree on the DeFi coin. In both the medium and long term, the coin has a good forecast to provide a good return to its investors.

Tamadog (TAMA)

The still relatively unknown Tamadoge meme coin is about to end its presale. The actual capacity is already at $8.5 million.

Initially, the pre-sale was planned until the end of this year, but due to the very high demand for the token, it is likely to be sold out by September. So if you want to take advantage of the low entry price now, you shouldn’t wait much longer.

pre-sale tamadoge

The successful pre-sale phase could already be a clue to the future forecast of the coin. The high level of social media attention also gives Tamadoge great support. As a result of this in turn buy and a strong price.

Tamadoge first draws attention to itself through the meme factor. In the past, coins like the Catecoin or Shiab-Inu caused a stir with the company of animals. The play-2-earn game comes built into the Metaverse with Shiba-Inu to take care of players.

Players are rewarded for taking care of the little companion. Tamadoge is planning an app that has similarities to the well-known game Pokémon Go. Players can place their pets in the real world here in AR mode.

The token intends to use a burning mechanism to prevent inflation. 5% of all earnings are burned from Tamadoge Pet Store. The supply of tokens is getting smaller and smaller, which will have a positive effect on the value even if the demand remains the same.

So early investors are given a good discount at Tamadoge, if you buy 1000 Tamadoge tokens now, you pay 10 USD for it. In early September, the price should increase.

Some crypto experts have predicted that the value of the token will increase by 1000% in the next 8 years and Tamadoge could soon become a new giant among cryptocurrencies.

Infinity Battle (IBAT)

The Battle Infinity sports token was recently listed on Pancakeswap. The listing with the Bank was also successful.

After the last listing, the course was able to increase over 700%. Battle Infinity continues to thrive in the bear market. The listings allow the cryptocurrencies to reach more customers, which in most cases raises the price.

Analysts also consider Battle Infinity to be a new force in the crypto world. Users welcome the play games to earn. Behind Battle Infinity are six NFT categories where players can move freely. For example, the BattleSwap market allows users to buy and exchange coins.

Again, the plans for the future are promising. More games and dedicated apps are planned. Analysts expect above-average returns for the Battle Infinity Coin over the next three years.

So the market offers some other cryptocurrencies that may be promising. These are worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks and months

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