Bitcoin falls but Michael Saylor believes in a rise

Bitcoin falls but Michael Saylor believes in a rise

Bitcoin is falling, but this is far from scaring everyone. If the purpose of this crisis is to lure people away from cryptocurrencies, Michael Saylor will not be part of the plot. Indeed, the president of Microstrategy is confident and does not allow himself to be influenced by current events. For him, BTC has reached its ideal entry point.

Microstrategy and its relationship to Bitcoin (BTC)

The financial markets are in an unprecedented crisis. Most cryptocurrencies are experiencing an unprecedented fall. As more and more people think about the end of cryptocurrencies, some investors seem optimistic. In the eyes of defenders of the flagship crypto, the future of bitcoin that is not clear could be certain very quickly again.

Bitcoin is in a dark period. Following the expansion of crypto assets, a lasting increase was expected. However, the volatility of the sector creates surprises that are not always pleasant. Some crypto token holders are already considering selling. However, large investors like Michael Saylor are optimistic. The fall of bitcoin does not scare him.

The current crisis facing the queen of cryptocurrencies should not cause people to rush. It’s a complete math market. As a result, all steps are wasted and need to be resolved. According to the CEO of Microstrategy, bitcoin is a long-term investment. Recall that Michael Saylor has made large investments in the crypto flagship and is influenced by the current state of this asset to the highest level.

Despite the recurring questions about the future of BTC and the doubts that attack investors, he does not allow himself to be chased away and continues his campaign of support for bitcoin. During a interview at CNCB, the Chief Executive commented on the matter. According to him, bitcoin is made 10 times better than gold and stocks. To see his potential better, it’s important not to wait in the short term and focus higher than that. Crypto-currencies are hard to understand when you expect immediate results. So there is no cause for stress.

Impact of bitcoin crash on investors

Bitcoin has attracted so many investors that it is almost impossible to measure its reach. Many people look at it with suspicion. However, it attracted the sympathy of the largest number. However, the latter could be fatal to him. Defenders are always active and … passive, of course. So such a case puts BTC supporters to test.

The collapse of the financial and bitcoin markets are global events. Crypto investors who have only just progressed to make money need to be cursed at the moment. However, those who have recognized it and understand its importance are thinking of solutions to restore their image or wait patiently for resume classes. These include Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, and Faustin-Archange Touadéra, president of the Central African Republic.

Michael Saylor is also among the bitcoin builders who strongly believe that this fall will allow encryption to be better. It assumes BTC protection by presenting some key figures. The stability of the Nasdaq and the fall of gold by 10% from 2020. Meanwhile, the first crypto has risen 86% since then. For him, he could not choose any other investment for his company Microstrategy.
The fall of bitcoin upsets many investors. For some people, this crisis is irreversible. But for others, it’s only bad weather for that crypto should soon turn green. For Michael Saylor, the best investment option is still a flagship cryptocurrency, and that’s the choice he made for Microstrategy. The investor even thinks that the asset price level has reached a great opportunity. It is true that investing in a bear market is dangerous. However, it can also be beneficial in the long run.

Source: U.Today

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