“Bitcoin Cheikh”, leader of a huge Crypto Ponzi in Brazil, was arrested!

"Bitcoin Cheikh", leader of a huge Crypto Ponzi in Brazil, was arrested!

Brazil is one of the countries in South America, where there are most crypto enthusiasts. It is estimated that 5% of the population uses digital assets. Several initiatives are implemented in the country to encourage them. It’s a crypto-friendly environment, but unfortunately it also leaves room for scams to develop. different.

The second crypto scandal in a year

Last weekend, the Brazilian police arrested the businessman Francisco Valdevino da Silva, aka Bitcoin Cheikh. The man who was arrested at the same time as some of his associates, is the head of a huge crypto Ponzi network. In total, authorities seized several million dollars worth of crypto, cars and luxury watches from the suspects’ homes. Many seized items also contain several kilos of gold bars.

The investigation, known as ‘Operation Poyais’, found that it was There are crooks predicted for more than 766 million dollars of cryptos in recent years. The police searched several properties in several cities in the country to establish this balance sheet.

Brazilian police raid Bitcoin Cheick for defrauding more than $766 million.

She explained in a statement that the group defrauded thousands of people. Among these, there are Brazilians, but also nationals of several other countries around the world, which specify News Globo. Celebrities like model Sasha Meneghel, who claimed damages of $230,000. The local press informs us of that It is also believed that prominent footballers are among the victims of this Crypto Ponzi.

For information, the platform led by Bitcoin Cheikh promised up to 20% return for investorss. Criminals lured their victims by assuring them that they were working with experienced traders who could make big profits. Valdevino da Silva and his partners also created their own signs.

This operation recalls the capture, in 2021, of Gladson Acácio dos Santos, known as the Pharaoh of bitcoin. He was one of the managers of the crypto Ponzi scheme, which promised huge returns to its investors. In total, the authorities in Brazil have identified more than 122,000 victims. Recently, the local justice ordered dos Santos to repay all fraud investors and creditors. Reimbursement should reach 3.7 billion dollars. Will this decision set a precedent for Bitcoin Cheick?

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