Bitcoin celebrates 12 years since Pizza Day

Bitcoin celebrates 12 years since Pizza Day

Yesterday was Pizza Day’s 12ᵉ anniversary. But what does this event represent? May 22, 2010 one of the important dates in the history of Bitcoin. And for good reason: it was on this date that the first physical item was purchased using BTC as a payment method. The object in question? A pizza. And not just any pizza, since it certainly is the most expensive pizza in historytaking into account the current Bitcoin price.

A $ 300 million piece, anyone?

Anyone interested, directly or indirectly, in cryptocurrencies, it’s already heard about this story that looks like an urban legend. What is incredible is that this amazing story is true! The story begins a few days earlier, on 18 May 2010.

That day, an Internet user named Laszlo Hanyecz, a BTC miner living in Florida, decided to post on Bitcointalk, a famous forum created by none other than Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. So Laszlo Hanyecz creates a topic to make a very simple suggestion: 10,000 BTC in exchange for 2 pizzas. Unable to get offer, accepted in a few seconds, right?

Well, not so much, since it is only 4 days later that his proposal will find a buyer. He is a surfer named Jeremy Sturdivant who will eventually accept the offer. In the end, these pizzas (from Papa John’s, if you were thinking) cost Jeremy around € 36.

A little expensive on two pizzas, it’s true, but it’s still a more than profitable investment, since the 10,000 BTC exchanged for these pizzas today. $ 300 million approx.

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Unusual purchase … but necessary

In addition to the funny or even touching nature of this news, many people are wondering how this Internet user might take such an action, setting the context is crucial.

First, and while it may seem obvious, it is important to clarify that Bitcoin, at that time, was not at all the cryptocurrency we know today, whether in terms of popularity, influence, or price.

So if 10,000 BTC is worth today $ 300 million at the current price, then it was just just a few dollars ! Moreover, it should be kept in mind that at this time, Bitcoin was not yet no real use. Goods and services could not be officially bought or sold using BTC.

And it is precisely these types of initiatives that have enabled Bitcoin to increase its perceived value in the first place, by giving it a utility, whichever is less.

Since then, things have come a long way since thousands of companies around the world accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as their exchange currency. These can be used to buy video games, costumes or cinema tickets as well as booking tours or booking hotel rooms!

This pizza purchase, obviously, is beyond its humorous aspect a very important event in the history of Bitcoin ! This day deserves to be celebrated as it should be as it has helped secure Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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