Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: Can BCH Reach $10,000?

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: Can BCH Reach $10,000?

Bitcoin Cash is one of the cryptocurrencies that has seen a rather disappointing performance for buyers in recent years. For example, looking back to the beginning of 2018, the end of the penultimate bull cycle, Bitcoin Cash ranked among the 5 most valuable coins by market cap.

Bitcoin Cash lost 97.5 percent – not ranking in the top 30

A snapshot from on January 7, 2018 shows that BCH was trading at nearly $2,800 at the time and the market cap was more than $47 billion. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP had a higher value at that time. Although the first two coins are still at the top about 4.5 years later and the XRP / USD course is still staying relatively well despite the legal dispute with the US financial supervisory authority SEC and a strong trend could show soon, as reported by , Bitcoin Cash has gone into oblivion.

As of this writing, Bitcoin Cash is not even among the 30 most valuable cryptocurrencies, according to the latest figures from The price of the crash token is just over $100 and the total valuation is only $2 billion. The price has fallen 97.50 percent from its all-time high, meaning that many Bitcoin Cash buyers are now likely to be sitting on significant losses if they haven’t sold their coins long ago on a crypto exchange.


Bull Run 2021 weaker than Cardano & Co.

The 2020/2021 bull market did not go as well as BCH investors had hoped. While the coin was able to rally to around $1,650 in the meantime, this is still just a fraction of the all-time high of $4,355. In contrast, buyers of cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Binance Coin or meme tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have achieved huge results in 2021 and have set clear new records.

So is Bitcoin Cash almost dead? Or maybe now is one of the best opportunities to buy BCH before the altcoin celebrates its resurrection and a great bull run continues? The chart analysis shows where the price could move in the short term. Also, see the current analyst views on the short and medium term price predictions for Bitcoin Cash.

Bearish Chart Pattern: Crash to $15 Possible?

The technical analysis of the BCH/USD rate on the daily chart shows that the altcoin is still at very low levels and there are no bullish signs at the moment. BCH/USD is trading at around $109, not much above the annual low of around $95 on July 13, 2022.

BCH/USD price started forming a descending triangle on daily candles in May 2022. The descending resistance line has already been tested many times. However, so far, Bitcoin Cash has failed to significantly rise above resistance and declare it as support. Bitcoin Cash has also tested the support zone in the $100 range several times and has been able to hold this important support zone so far.

This chart pattern is a bearish formation according to technical analysis. Bitcoin Cash has formed the pattern of moving down and could continue this trend through another lower correction. If Bitcoin Cash were indeed to lose support, the BCH/USD technical price target is located in the $15 area, which would mean another massive drop in value of around 85 percent.

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Fed rates and interest: price hike to 200 dollars?

However, if the price of Bitcoin Cash manages to break out of the pattern, contrary to the technical probability, the altcoin could reach a level of around $200 in the short term. The formation is getting tighter and a decision on direction can be expected by November 2nd or November 3rd at the latest. The next interest rate decision from the US Federal Reserve may play a role in the decision. Because the decision will be made as to whether interest rates will be raised again, and if so, by what amount, on November 2.

The market is currently pricing in another interest rate hike of 0.75 percent, which builds on previous rate hikes this year. The total interest rate would therefore slowly approach the 5 percent level. However, if the Fed decides to raise interest rates, this could also cause the price of Bitcoin Cash to rise. If, on the other hand, the increase is more modest and is only 0.5 percent, for example – this is likely to be interpreted bullishly by the markets and may cause the BCH/USD course would break out of the formation.

Will Bitcoin Cash Rise To $132 By The End Of The Year?

However, $15 and $200 are only 2 short-term price targets for the Bitcoin Cash course. For investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies in the long term, of course it is especially interesting to see how analysts evaluate the medium and long term forecast.

If you follow the Digital Coin Price forecast, now would be a great time to buy Bitcoin Cash. Because the analysts do not expect BCH/USD to fall much lower. On the contrary: a slight recovery to up to 132 dollars is already expected for the rest of the current year. In 2023, Bitcoin Cash could then approach the $200 mark. The upward trend should continue in the next few years and BCH could break the $300 mark in 2025 and over $500 in 2029. It is then expected to reach almost $800 by 2031. So the estimate is bullish, but it is still well below the price levels that BCH saw in 2021 and 2018.

Coin Price Forecast’s assessment is even more cautious. According to this, Bitcoin Cash could only rise above $200 in 2025 and settle in a range of $300 to $400 in the long term. In fact, Wallet Investor is extremely bearish and expects another massive selloff in the next 12 months that could see BCH drop another 90 percent. Even in a 5-year period, the analysts remain true to their negative estimate.

Digital Coin Price

Analyst forecast: BCH can reach a new high’s forecast, on the other hand, is very different. The financial blog sees the future of Bitcoin Cash as very positive and expects BCH to reach the $200 mark as early as 2023. Prices of more than $500 are then predicted for 2026, before the altcoin could break the $1,000 mark in 2028. If prices continue to rise steadily, Bitcoin Cash is expected to rise to a maximum of around $4,400 in the years up to 2031.

If this bullish forecast is correct, it may be worth buying BCH now, as a return of up to 4,300 percent is possible. That sounds huge, but Bitcoin Cash would only surpass its all-time high in 2018. However, the mentioned analysts do not consider the price of 10,000 dollars to be realistic.

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