Bitcoin (BTC), VPN connections without trusted third parties

Bitcoin (BTC), VPN connections without trusted third parties

According to Moustafa Amin, a technology expert with more than 20 years of professional experience in large organizations and telephone companies, it would be possible to use Bitcoin to establish VPN connections without a trusted third party. In an article he published, the expert showed how this could be done and why it would be beneficial to choose this connection method.

Bitcoin VPN a much better alternative than traditional VPN?

Currently, the private exchange of data between two parties takes place through a VPN service provider that acts as an intermediary or trusted third party.

And as you can imagine, this third party should not only be trustworthy, but also trustworthy. Not always guaranteed! In addition, it must also always be online because if it ceased its activities, the two terminals could no longer communicate with each other or lose the confidentiality they sought. And again, some providers have not proven to be reliable.

To the question of knowing how to do without intermediaries and therefore the shortcomings that characterize them? Moustafa Amin responds with a more or less revolutionary solution : bitcoin-vpn.

Bitcoin VPN is a solution that could leverage the Bitcoin Network (Layer 1) or the Lightning Network (Layer 2) and allow two or more parties to discover each other and be able to communicate privately on the public internet.

A telecommuter or a simple VPN user who wants to access the Internet from another location to avoid certain content restrictions, for example, could use it. And as with the traditional VPN, he will have to access the web portal of the desired VPN service and follow a process that Moustafa Amin detailed in his article and there is nothing complicated about it.

Companies offering VPN connections are on the rise, but not for long. Soon, they could find themselves in a bad situation because of Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin, with its unique decentralized architecture, offers limitless opportunities beyond its known or apparent financial capabilities.

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