Bitcoin (BTC): There is only good news

Bitcoin (BTC): There is only good news

Last year, the Fed asked companies to submit proposals. She then opened a process of requesting comments and nearly 300 people participated. Then, at the beginning of this year, there was the public consultation phase on the orientations collected. Now the Fed is creating final guidelines for bitcoin and crypto banks.

The Fed’s final guidelines on bitcoin

According to tweet from Bitcoin Magazine on August 15, “The US Federal Reserve will create final guidelines for the bitcoin and the crypto banks to access its payment system“. On Monday, the Federal Reserve indicated that it will issue its final guidance. It intends to allow new financial institutions to access its “master accounts” in order to participate in the global payment system.

Fed Vice Chairman Lael Brainard made a statement on the matter. Indeed, she said:The new guidelines provide a consistent and transparent process for evaluating applications for Federal Reserve accounts and access to payment services to support a safe, inclusive and innovative payments system.“.

The Fed intends to establish a system to different levels which will help him adapt his evaluation process. That way, access will be granted based on the type of financial institution making the request. Each level of the assessment process represents a more rigorous review process than before. But in principle, crypto companies worth their salt should be able to do well.

Tier 1 banks would be federally insured. This will not be the case with Tier 2 banks. But they are still “subject to prudential supervision by a federal banking agency“. As for the third level, it includes companies that are not subject to either of the two previous rules. Crypto banks in Wyoming will most likely fall into the latter category.

The Fed has put in place final guidelines for evaluating companies that make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After the evaluation, those companies will be classified in a specific category. And they will have the ability to access a global payment system.

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