Bitcoin (BTC), the safest and most reliable value

Bitcoin (BTC), the safest and most reliable value

David Marcus is a strong supporter of bitcoin (BTC) who was previously among the leaders of Project Diem, Libra. The latter is a stablecoin project initiated by Meta (Facebook). Marcus left the project to co-found Lightspark, a new project of which he is the CEO. Recently, he pointed out that bitcoin (BTC) is the most credible form of stored value.

David Marcus endorses Bitcoin (BTC)

On July 22, the account StackinSat_FR posted on Twitter David Marcus, the former Head of Project Diem, said that bitcoin (BTC) “the most secure and reliable form of value storage and decentralized payments“. It must be said that Marcus, the CEO of the bitcoin (BTC)-based Lightspark project and the Lightning network, has always been a strong supporter of Bitcoin technology. Note that Lightspark aims to explore, develop and improve the utility as well as the capabilities of BTC.

Analysts say that the failure of Facebook’s cryptographic project soon strengthened Marcus’ faith in the reliability of bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, this failure shows that it is difficult to compete with bitcoin technology (BTC) using a centralized project like Meta’s. It is a proof that in order to work in the field of cryptocurrencies, a solid central infrastructure that is completely impermeable and decentralized is needed.

In addition, many centralized projects focused on the issuance and distribution of tokens have recently come to an end. Meanwhile, BTC continues on its way unaffected by any particular issue. And if this is possible, it is mainly thanks to the decentralization of the Bitcoin network (BTC).

For David Marcus, it seems clear that bitcoin (BTC) is the only truly decentralized and solid crypto project. And as proof, no one has yet managed to implement changes to it.

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