Bitcoin (BTC) requires investment.

Bitcoin (BTC) requires investment.

To develop the Bitcoin (BTC) infrastructure and make its Lightning network more efficient, funding is needed. Fortunately, companies dealing with these projects can turn to venture capital firms like Stillmark.

Stillmark funds BTC projects

Alyse Killeen, Founder and Managing Partner of Stillmark, was recently interviewed about funding Bitcoin (BTC) projects through venture capital investment. She revealed that her interest in BTC stems from the fact that “of financial technology to serve the poor and the vast unbanked and underbanked population of the world“. That said, she explained that Stillmark invests in two categories of Bitcoin projects. On the one hand, the company’s finances bitcoin development (cryptocurrency). On the other hand, it deals with the financing of companies that are developing projects on the Lightning network of the blockchain of the same title.

Alyse Killeen clarified:Instead of being a BTC fund, we’re really a general fund, within the bitcoin space, so we’re doing top-down — whatever’s happening in bitcoin right now.“. In addition, the founder of Stillmark explained that his company uses the most successful devices used by traditional venture capital firms to support the founders of Bitcoin (BTC) projects.

Alyse also indicated that Stillmark sees venture capital as a suitable way to help promoters accelerate the development of their projects. She pointed out that if Stillmark succeeds in doing a good job with BTC projects, it could accelerate network adoption and expand Bitcoin services. “So my hope is that if we do a good job, the fundamental value of bitcoin can increase.“, she continued.

In a recent interview, Stillmark founder Alyse Killeen explained how her company uses venture capital to accelerate the development of Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain projects. She said Stillmark could increase B’s adoptionCT.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

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