Bitcoin (BTC) profitable in the long run

Bitcoin (BTC) profitable in the long run

Jordan Belfort is the inspiration for the famous film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. So he was eventually nicknamed. Former crypto manager, Jordan now teaches courses on digital assets. Recently, he said it would be difficult not to make money investing in bitcoin (BTC) in the long run.

According to Jordan Belfort, bitcoin (BTC) is a solid crypto.

Jordan Belfort said it would be scary to find out that an investor who owns Bitcoin (BTC) does not make money on ” three, four or five years »Investment. In fact, while explaining his outlook for cryptocurrency on Yahoo Finance’s The Crypto Mile, The Wolf of Wall Street claimed that bitcoin (BTC) has really strong fundamentals.. According to him, investors should avoid thinking of bitcoin (BTC) only on a 12 or 24 month horizon.

Belfort said: With a reasonable chance, I think if you take a 24 – month horizon, you will almost certainly make money. “. He also said that bitcoin (BTC) could be considered a store of value. “Supply is limited and as inflation continues to rise, at some point bitcoin will have matured enough to be treated more as a store of value and less as a growth stock. “, He said.

In addition, according to Jordan Belfort, bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) are the best recommended digital assets for a long-term crypto investor. Note that the price of the cryptocurrency was recently flagged at $ 21,038. This represents a 9% increase over the last seven days. At the same time, this is a 38% drop over one year.

The Wolf of Wall Street, former stockbroker

Belfort is a former stockbroker. It was his memories that inspired the American film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Jordan Belfort founded Stratton Oakmont, a boiler house that marketed penny stocks, that is, stocks that traded for less than five dollars. But, the company was taking money from investors. In this context, Belfort was charged and convicted of fraud in 1999, forcing him to pass 22 months in prison.

In 2017, Belfort clearly demonstrated its opposition to cryptocurrencies, and in particular bitcoin (BTC). However, a few years later, he became a pro-crypto motivational speaker. During his interview on The Crypto Mile at Yahoo Finance, he revealed that it was still his old statements about crypto. “Except for one thing, I was wrong that bitcoin was going to zero“, He specified.

According to former crypto manager Jordan Belfort, aka the “Wolf of Wall Street”, bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency with strong fundamentals. So it would be a non-profit thing to generate income from bitcoin (BTC) investment over three to five years.

Source: BitcoinNews

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